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Historical Comparison of Canon and Nikon

Last updated on 04/10/2013

By Stephanie Garcia

Although lagging behind by a considerable period of 20 years since the establishment compared to Nikon, the huge success of Canon (approaching 50% of the digital SLR global market) may be attributed to the innovation and vision of the founders.

Canon took its inception as Precision Optical instruments in 1937 and got the present name after a decade. During all these years Canon went on to produce first ten key calculator, SLR cameras with a semi-transparent mirrors, computer embedded cameras, eye controlled auto focus technologies and HD camcorders.

Nikon on the other hand released its first branded camera in the year 1948 and holds the privilege to make first digital SLR s for NASA and later went on to release the commercial D1 SLR and even D90 that records video, the first ever SLR to do so.

Products of Canon range from display and digital oriented like film projectors, cameras, printers, electric dictionaries, calculators, portable flash devices, and multi-functional peripherals & digital copiers

The products from Nikon are much optical oriented like the cameras, film scanners, binoculars, spotting scopes, rifle scopes, microscopes, Laser range finders and steppers/scanners.

Coming to top global market share of the industry, the Canon leads the list followed by Sony. While the Nikon stands third.


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