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Canon Digital Rebel XTi / Canon 400D (Lens Included)
Canon Digital Rebel XTi / Canon 400D (Lens Included)

Hey! You should know that Canon has released a newer version of this product: the Canon Digital Rebel T1i/500D.

Canon Digital Rebel XTi / Canon 400D (Lens Included)

We've given the XTi / 400D a grade of C+.

Editor's Review

This is an old camera, still a good one, but we recommend that you go with an updated model like the Digital Rebel T1i/500D. Here's what we had to say when the XTi was released in August 2006:

The Canon Digital Rebel XTi (a.k.a. 400D) is the successor to the ever-popular Canon Digital Rebel XT/350D. Canon has made every effort to continue the affordability and power of the Digital Rebel line by bringing the 400D up to the 10 megapixel level, and introducing important features from their line of professional dSLRs. The Digital Rebel is a unique opportunity for curious and adventurous photographers to graduate from mainstream cameras and into the upper echelons of photography without getting too deep into unfamiliar territory or spending an exorbitant amount of money. The body-only model of the XTi/400d will cost only $799, with the lens-included model coming in at around $899.

The nine-point auto focus (a feature it shares with the 30D) provides faster, more accurate photos, and the 2.5-inch LCD is a marked improvement over the previous version's measly 1.8-inch display. For current XT/350D owners, the XTi/400D is an attractive upgrade, and for those who haven't yet graduated to prosumer digital cameras, this is the perfect opportunity. Don't hesitate, the Digital Rebel will change the way you take photos.

Note: This version of the Digital Rebel XTi comes with an included EF-S 18-55mm, f3.5-5.6 zoom lens from Canon. For the "body only" version, click here.


  • 10.1 megapixels
  • JPEG and RAW file formats
  • DIGIC II Image Processor
  • Canon EF / EF-S lens mount
  • Auto and manual focus and exposure
  • 9-point CMOS sensor auto focus
  • ISO 100-1600
  • 2.5-inch LCD
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Compact Flash Type I or II storage, Microdrive support
  • Vibrational/ultrasonic dust reduction and "dust mapping" for automatic post-production removal.
  • Part Number: 1236B001
  • UPC: 013803066098
  • Release Date: Aug 24, 2006

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Canon Digital Rebel XTi / Canon 400D (Lens Included) Reviews

Canon Digital Rebel XTi / Canon 400D (Lens Included) Reviews by Digital Camera-HQ Users

  • 5.0 out of 5
My Camera... (Colene Anderson — 03/04/2009)

I have had this camera for 2 years and I have never had a problem with it. Takes great only complaint is the flash. Not so bright, so if you are needing to take photos for business def. get a speedlite

  • 5.0 out of 5
good 4 beginners (Camera Reviewer — 02/13/2009)

very good beginners dslr, kit lens is also useful for learning, but do expect to upgrade from this model. if you don't plan to upgrade thats just fine too

  • 5.0 out of 5
Great camera (Kendra — 04/26/2008)

I have owned this camera for several months and absolutely love it. I am an amiture photographist that am taking photos to sell and the quality is simply amazing. I bought a book that went even further in depth with all the features of the camera and my photo quality has increase 10 fold. The camera with take the photos at the level of the person behind it is at. Great camera to use when growing as picture taker!

  • 3.0 out of 5
GREAT CAMERA (Mark Mcc — 02/01/2008)

I purchased the camera and I am by no means a pro but have taken several beautiful photos. I went to France and took approximately 1000 shots. There are a few that weren't correct but it was user error not the camera. I have also used the 70 to 300 lens and I am disappointed with it due to the amount of light you must have to take shots.

  • 1.0 out of 5
Error 99 hell (Aideen Jenkins — 01/02/2008)

I got this camera for a trip to China and to use with my other Canon compatible lenses. I got the Error 99 several times and was dismayed to read the suggested fixes: "take battery out and wait 20 minutes" (Hah! your shot will be lost, my friends!) or better still, "take a pencil eraser, clean lens contacts and replace" again, fine if you're a professional with another camera but what about the amateur? I am soooo glad I bought on Amazon because they took the camera back but I have lost all confidence in Canon. VERY poor quality control.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Awesome Start (Susane Gruning — 10/29/2007)

I just received this camera and it is my first DSLR (I may retire my film 35 mm camera!). I am in no way an expert but found this camera very user friendly right out of the box. Set up was easy, pic transfer a breeze and pics even with this cheaper lens have been great. I know I will want to upgrade for my purposes and I am now researching lenses.

As a new owner, so far I love the camera.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Versatile Camera (Ron — 08/24/2007)

The Canon Rebel xti is an all around good camera. With the EFS 18-55mm lens and the 75-300 telephoto, combined with the Speedlite 430 Flash, you have an outstanding combination. In addition to landscapes, portraiture and still life photography, I love to shoot my son's wrestling matches. The above combination gives me the light I need at distances of more than 30 -40 feet. The only thing, in my opinion, which keeps this from being an excellent camera is a bit too much shutter lag, and I have learned to compensate for that.

  • 1.0 out of 5
Crappy Camera (Stuart Beaumont — 06/30/2007)

Bought this camera 3 weeks ago, used for barely a couple of hours and got error 99. Sent Back to canon which is gonna be a long drawn out painful process.


  • 1.0 out of 5
Camera died after one month, Canon will not replace. (Scott Wagner — 06/26/2007)

After a month of use, and barely beginning to learn the complicated controls, my brand new Canon EOS XTI died. I got the Error 99 code twice and then it locked up for good. I sent the camera to Canon with warranty intact. Initially they responded that the camera was under warranty and would be repaired at no charge to me. A week later I called to check up on it and see when I could have it back. The answer was, "...ah... well it's too expensive to fix and it's got serious water damage inside... not covered..."

This is TOTAL B.S.!

As you can imagine, a $1,000+ investment (gear included) is taken better care of than this... I never had the thing outside in bad weather, only clear skies...

I am writing letters to everyone I can think of...


  • 4.0 out of 5
Love the camera (Bounce margil — 06/24/2007)

Love the camera with very clean picts. Am experimenting with shooting in many of the modes. One not buy from fotoconnection. They are not to be trusted. I had to wait a month before my order was finally filled and they use bait and switch high pressure tactics. Go somewhere else

  • 1.0 out of 5
Error 99 Problems (Gail — 05/29/2007)

I received my brand new camera and was very excited. I took four pictures and got an error 99. Tried all the remedies I could find on the web (as this was a holiday weekend and I couldn't call Canon support) and nothing worked. I am leaving on vacation in 4 days and bought this camera to use on the trip. Obviously I am very upset that something I paid $600 for does not work right our of the box. Where is the quality control? This is the first Canon product I have bought and it might be the last!

  • 5.0 out of 5
Great for a first time Digital SLR owner (Ro! — 04/24/2007)

I use my new camera to take picture of my new baby. The fast power up and lightning speed focus is very helpfull when trying to capture a baby who is always moving.. I will enjoy this camera for a long time

  • 5.0 out of 5
Canon EOS D400 (Andrea Balint — 04/08/2007)

exellent camera for keen amateurs (in other words, parents). great sized LCD screen, very easy to use and navigate through the programs.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Got a bargain (Miles — 03/21/2007)

I bought new in box with kit lens for 400 dollars, so I'm very happy with purchase! It is my first DSLR so I cant really compare it to anything except my previous kodak point and shoot, and there is really no comparison!
The included kit lens is horrible, especially in low light but a very good 50mm f1.8 prime lens is available for under 100 dollars that is a great low light performer! I also got two Sigma lenses 28-70 mm f2.8-4dg and 55-200 f4-5.6dc, for under 150 dollars each!
May someday get better glass, but for now these will have to do. I also got a sunpak hotshoe flash for under 100 dollars at best buy that greatly improves indoor flash pictures! With a little playing with it, this camera gives a perfect shot every time and I highly recommend this camera. Just get the body only, and with the savings buy the EF 50mm f/1.8 II plastic lens with really good optics that will produce very good pictures!!

  • 5.0 out of 5
Incredible camera! (Leah — 03/09/2007)

I love my Rebel XTi. I take it everywhere with me! I do reccommend that you buy a new lens for it - the stock lens just doesn't have the kind of range a serious amateur photographer needs... Something along the lines of a 70-200mm will suit you well for the every day.

The photos it takes are so crisp that even some serious cropping doesn't take away from the photo or reduce the resolution.
Autofocus is a bit tricky in lowlight, but other than that, it's fast and pretty darn accurate.

I got mine about a month after the camera came out and have yet to run into a problem with it.

You can see some samples of the photos at

  • 5.0 out of 5
Awsome Camera (Jim — 02/11/2007)

Although I've only had the XTi for a week, I've enjoyed learning how to use it. I've been working in the creative zones and I'm amazed at how versatile this camera really is. As many have already said "it's the lens that makes an SLR" and the one that came with it (EFS 18mm-55mm) is not rated as one of Canon's better lenses; good for a kit to get you started but you should upgrade the glass. I just placed my order for the EFS 17-85mm IS and can't wait to try it. I'm now just waiting for Spring to really give it a go.

I would recommend buying some books to teach you how to best use the XTi because the manual is kind of confusing for a new SLR user.
Overall I think this camera is worth the cost for someone who finding point-n-shoot photography a little boring and is looking for something with a little more challenge.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Error Code 99 (Al Arrivas — 12/26/2006)

Me too ...
Annoying ....
Why - this is brand new
Is it the lens ???
Doesn't always happen - but enough to where I am not happy with this camera.

  • 4.0 out of 5
ok for beginners (Bhuwan Ribhu — 12/10/2006)

Great camera barring the kit lens. 18 - 55 is useless and may only be used by beginners. the 70 - 300 option looks attractive and you would need a variety of lens options to make full use of the camera.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Error 99 (Henry — 12/08/2006)

Error 99 = Old incompatible Lens. It shouldn't be saying that with the included lens. I have 2 old Sigma lenses that give error 99, one of them only does it outside though. I think its a good camera even though i've been dooped into saving up for a crazy fancy new lens. I guess i'm just avoiding buyers remorse though, usually i hate this sort of thing.

  • 3.0 out of 5
error 99 (altimg — 11/27/2006)

We keep getting an Error99. Can't figure out what this is...but it is interferring with an otherwise amazing camera. The error states that we must turn off the camera and remove the battery. Weird.

  • 3.0 out of 5
"cracked" LCD screen (Wiblick — 11/23/2006)

Like a lot of Powershot owners I've had a very bad experience with Canon's LCD screens. I was wary of moving to digital as it was so for the internal LCD screen to crack after just 3 weeks was very disheartening. I say 'crack' because there is no external damage to the camera and the damage looks like a blob with 3 raidating lines. What was funny was that the nature of the damage changed even as the camera shop guy handled it, he was pressing his thumb on the screen to see if he could feel any scratches in case I was lying about it not having received any impact damage. But they had to agree with me that the camera hasn't had any falls or blows, although it may have experienced pressure exerted on it while in its padded bag. If I had known they were this delicate I would have stuck with film. I am getting it repaired, hoping for "under guarantee" but camera shop says not to hold my breath, so it'll probably cost me 200 euro which is over one fifth of the original camera price.

I've just started a photography course but luckily did not get rid of my film SLR, but my first assignment is going to be late while I take slides...

Otherwise I was really getting to like the camera and loved having 3 shots per second and a virtual 480mm lens...

  • 5.0 out of 5
Back in SLR mode (Ron Drew — 11/03/2006)

I have been waiting to purchase a digital SLR and the XTi fit the bill well. I have owned many Canon film SLR's and they all performed wonderfully. The XTi follows the same pattern. Right from the box I was impressed with the performance of this new camera. The first shooting session I took almost 200 pictures and the battery was still going. The focus is sharp, even in low light. Shutter lag is almost non existant and the camera will take pictures as fast as I can press the shutter. If you are near the edge of buying a digital SLR give this one a close review.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Canon Digital Rebel XTi (Sandy — 10/23/2006)

So far, I think it's great. I lhad the Rebel XT and took some awesome pictures with it. I upgraded mainly for the larger LCD screen. I stuck with the Rebel as the the 30D was a little heavy for me.

  • 1.0 out of 5
Error Codes (Chris — 10/23/2006)

So we get it out of the box for my wife's birthday and take two pictures (friday). Right away we get an Error99. No information in the book or online except to call a service center. Try calling all weekend, still no reply. Sent email as well. This may be a great camera if it works, but if this is how little they respect their customers I'm afraid I can't do business this way. I get better service for a $3 rental at netflix vs. a $1,000 relatively complex item.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Awesome Camera!!! (Liz — 10/03/2006)

I used this camera through my school for a year, and I can tell you, hands down, this is one of the best camera I have ever used. It is simple to use, but gives you the option of switching to complicated shots and set ups. No matter how you decide to arrange the settings, every picture comes out great. The action photos turned out great, photos in the dark turned out bright, and photos with too much light had just the right amount of exposure. Needless to say, I am in love with this camera and would reccommend anyone who can afford it, to get it. It really is worth it.

  • 5.0 out of 5
excellent (randall janes — 09/07/2006)

i have had the xti for one week and i can tell you my wife and i are every excited about the pictures we have taken with this camera. so far operation of this camera has been very simple.and we look forward to learning more about photography with this excellent tool.