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Canon Powershot A1100 IS
Canon Powershot A1100 IS

Hey! You should know that Canon has released a newer version of this product: the Canon PowerShot A1200.

Canon Powershot A1100 IS

We've given the A1100 IS a grade of C.

Editor's Review

The A1100 IS has been out of production for a while now, and the $300 asking price is way too high. Since so many people loved it, we're keeping it active, but bumping the grade down into 'C' territory. Canon also recently announced the A1200, a AA-powered, viewfinder-equipped compact, now the only one in production from any company. At this point, we'd recommend that you go with that model instead. For old time's sake, here's what we had to say about the A1100 IS toward the end of its lifetime in late 2010:

This Canon A1100 IS has been incredibly popular since its release in April 2009, though its life cycle is winding down. Its been replaced by the equally solid A3100 IS, which you can currently find for cheaper. It pains us to wave goodbye, as this is the last low-cost point-and-shoot that we may ever see with an optical viewfinder and AA batteries. It's a very desirable combination, so is that's what you're looking for, snap one of these up before they're all gone. Too bad cameras like this are going by the wayside -- viewfinders are costly, bulky, and not too accurate in a camera like this, but there's no substitute for shooting in direct sunlight -- but it was a great ride while it lasted.


  • 12 megapixels
  • Movie mode with sound (60 minutes / 4GB)
  • JPEG file format
  • 4x optical zoom / 4x digital zoom
  • Lens-shift image stabilization
  • ISO 80-1600
  • 2.5-inch LCD display
  • Viewfinder
  • Secure Digital memory card storage
  • 2x AA batteries
  • Part Number: A1100IS SL
  • UPC: 013803107036
  • Release Date: Apr 01, 2009

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Canon Powershot A1100 IS Reviews

Canon Powershot A1100 IS Reviews by Digital Camera-HQ Users

  • 5.0 out of 5
great for everyday; few batt problems if u know tricks and use right type. (photomom55 — 11/27/2010)
This is a great little camera for everyday stuff! I use it everywhere - home, outdoors, vacations.Small, lightweight and easier for me to hold onto than the superthin types which can also be very pricy. I paid $100 a year ago. Looks like prices are up? Video is ok too. Most affordable cameras aren't going to have hidef video. Also, these compacts usually do not have hi optical zoom either. That is the only drawback to this camera for me. If you need hi zoom, then need a bigger lens and probably somewhat more costly model. I keep reading all these complaints about battery useage. Cameras with LCD screens do use up power. Also depends on how much you use the playback feature while you're out taking photos. I use rechargable and always carry spares if I'm not home. Also, if I need to conserve, I use the viewfinder which is very hard to find on a lot of newer cameras. I also don't bother with playback unless I have to. I find it easy to just put the card itself into the computer and delete from there. As I've read other's comments, use recommended batts.
  • 4.0 out of 5
Making a point about battery issues (a solution!) (Jay — 11/05/2010)
My two cents is this: We sent in our Canon A1100 IS for extended (nearly two years old) warranty repair recently. Tthe shutter button had come off and wires were sticking out, and it was rejecting good new alkaline batteries. They returned it repaired without addressing the power problem, so I called them. I was told that late-model Canon cameras like this, which use AA batteries, need high mAh rechargeable batteries; not regular alkaline batteries, nor cheap (regular?) rechargeable batteries. She said that they should be at least 2500 mAh, which I was able to find only at Best Buy, and in only one brand. Interestingly enough, the same manufacturer had the same set at the same price, but some had better specs (higher mAh than others). Bottom line: I was having the same problem with another (slightly older and larger) Canon camera we own, and this fixed the same problem for that one as well.
  • 1.0 out of 5
PIECE OF TRASH (LUZ — 09/09/2010)
Canon has a BIG Problem with Lense Error. They fail to tell me that it could cost $90 to fix a $120 camera. The Canon Powershot A1100IS is JUST A PIECE OF TRASH. Cannonm shall reimburse all of us. I even paid for a replacement warranty but I can't have it fixed for free,
  • 3.0 out of 5
Lens error (Joe — 07/15/2010)
Laurie I too had a lens error and after having a brief dicussion with a cannon tech agent found out that it cant be fixed and it would be better to buy a new camera. I purchased the Sony DSCW370. this is about 3 steps up from the A1100IS and really if you want to take good clear pictures go with this and do not buy another canon since lens errors are too common. You could find more info on this website about the W370. The panasonic FH20 is also a good choice if the sony does not fit you.
  • 4.0 out of 5
Excellent for wildlife photography (Raghav T.N — 04/12/2010)
I got a Canon 1100 IS as my birthday gift...and from then has become a part and parcel of my life....I make it a point to carry it where ever I go...coz u dont know....what lies ahead...may be even a prize winning photograph...Also I carry it to my college as well...There are a lot of eagles and kites which most of the time hover about near my college....and i love taking photos of them during flight....although i hav taken more than 200 pics of them....only a few of the pics are worthy...I have only one problem with the cam....the optical zoom...It is only 4x..I wish it was atleast 8x....coz it would have been really useful to photograph the eagles flying at some heights as well...anyway....Im really glad that I have this camera...and I make it a point to participate in all the photography competitions in my college....although I haven't won any prize so far...i have been able to get a lot of experience from them...more over...when I go to wildlife sanctuaries....the 'Kids n pets' mode allows me to take pics of the animals even if they are moving...and the automatic stabiliztion is a great plus point to this camera....So....if u are interested in wildlife photography...this one is the best!!!
  • 5.0 out of 5
Good point and shoot snapper (Rinceyman — 03/27/2010)
Bought from Amazon on 3 March in preparation for a tip to Berlin. Read some reviews and had concerns about battery life. These were unfounded. Have Hama 2700 mAH batteries from PicStop really good deal. Took extra AA's with me but for the four days I was there but did not require them . Took a mixture of Stills with and without flash. Also some video. I have just checked and have over 400 files in that photo folder having deleted the few that were not required or didn't turn out quite right.Picture quality good and managed to take some passable low lighters as well. Paid just over £100 on Amazon from Photo Kingdom. For a Point and shoot at this price it's great value. Bought it as a 'fill in' until the Fuji HS10 becomes available and I have chance to read the reviews to decide if I want one. On my experience so far I Would recommend this camera for a pocket P & S.
  • 1.0 out of 5
fragile camera and costly repair (Serge de Lir — 02/08/2010)
I bought one of this camera extending the warranty, felt right. Took nice pictures during a couple of trips but its size was not ideal for carrying it around as a pocket camera. Anyway, after being robbed the first one from the luggage I got another one (same model) to get over the loss. The battery lid broke by the battery pressing it outwards and the warranty didn`t cover it, had to use it holding the lid.....afterward the lens failed and the repair costs much more than a new camera and the warranty, no wonder, doesn´t cover it. If you want this camera, be very careful, it is so fragile it might as well be built on glass
  • 2.0 out of 5
RUN something different (Jennifer — 01/25/2010)
I adore a point and shoot camera and when my beloved camera started acting up this one was given as a gift. My first reaction was cool... nice size, big screen and a view finder. I started taking pictures and was disapointed at how slow it is, even when prefocusing I was missing the shots I wanted and use to get. Now I"m even more dissapointed at the lens error my new camera doesn't work. I'm back to using the old one until I find something reliable.
  • 5.0 out of 5
Perfect Camera! (Nesshell — 12/29/2009)

I love this camera. It takes wonderful pictures. For people who want to start a photography career, this is a great cheap beginners camera. It has alot of great features and its just so clear. You will not be dissapointed.

  • 2.0 out of 5
"A Big Blunder" (PALASHRANJAN BHAUMICK — 11/08/2009)

I had an 'ancient' Sony P200 7 MP point&shoot camera.
Recently, a few weeks back, I bought myself a Canon A1100 IS as my Nikon D 200 got konked out!
To my utter surprise, the camera is far below my expectation!
I think the Sony P200 was a better camera.
This Canon A1100 IS camera exposes very noisy pics even in the brought daylight also, forget about low light condition!
Now I think it was a Big Bluder to have gone for it!
I wouldn't advise anyone to buy it.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Great camera (Diana Wagner — 11/02/2009)

I bought this camera after my son broke my Nikon coolpix L18. I played with it at the store and decided to get this over another Nikon. It is so much better then the Nikons. Zoom is excellent, focus is sharp and not blurry like close ups woud be on my Nikon. It made me remember why I love Canon. I also own an older Canon digital Camera but it is bigger so it was to hard to just through in a purse. This camera is compact and perfect for on the go. My only complaint is the lack of a good user guide. It needs to go into more detail on the cameras features!!! It does have one you an DL but I dont want to take up more space on my computer for a 90 page book. Cant wait to use it on my trip to Florida!!!

  • 4.0 out of 5
Worth the money...... (Charles Bennett — 10/31/2009)

Brought this at Target for $149.00 and it's worth every penny. I leave it in auto mode with the flash off and always focus with the shutter at halfway.
Takes outstanding clear pictures. Remember, this is a point-and-shoot,not a DSLR.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Really good (karthik Mangalam — 10/08/2009)

I own this and I am happy with the performance and ease of use. There are some things which I miss on this. The zoom feature is standard and I wish I had 8x zoom on this. If this feature was given i think this product would have given a run for the best camera. But still its a good buy. A value for the money.

  • 5.0 out of 5
My photos (Harold Rowe — 10/01/2009)

I read the test results on the Canon A 1100 IS in consumers report.
This is a really excellent digital camera and the photos are super sharp.

  • 2.0 out of 5
Lens Error (Laurie — 08/31/2009)

I very much enjoyed this camera. The quality of photo's and ease of use was great for a point and shoot. However I suddenly developted a" lens error" which upon further research have learned this is a common problem with cannon products and one that cannot be fixed for less than the cost of the camera! Needless to say I am dissappointed and confused as to what to purchase now!

  • 4.0 out of 5
Great for novice (Rahul Deb Aru — 08/14/2009)

Includes good features like viewfinder, Digic 4 processor and very handy to use due to less weight and dimension.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Best Image Stablization I have seen (Ryan — 05/25/2009)

I use an Olympus FE-370 and a Nikon CoolPix all the time for work and this Canon A1100 beats both of them hands it was much cheaper than the other two. The feature that is most impressive with the Canon is the Image Stablization. I can literally try to take a fuzzy picture and shake the camera up and down and it still comes out clear. With the Olympus and the Nikon, you have to remain very still, let the camera focus for several seconds before you even think of taking the picture. The Canon is a true point and shoot. I am truely sold on this camera. Easy to use and takes great pictures.