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Canon PowerShot G7
Canon PowerShot G7

Hey! You should know that this product has been discontinued. Here are our current recommended cameras in the Advanced Compact Digital Cameras category.

Canon PowerShot G7

We've given the G7 a grade of C+.

Editor's Review

The Canon PowerShot G7 is a sturdy, advanced camera for serious users, with a large 10-megapixel sensor and 6x optical zoom. The G7 replaces the Canon G6, now about two years old, and is a nice middle ground between point-and-shoot cameras and digital SLRs. The G7 features a "shift-type" form of optical image stabilization, using tiny, internal gyroscopes to compensate for hand movements and other jitters that may cause blurring. Keep in mind, the G7 does not feature the RAW file format, so if you're looking for a real heavy-duty shooter, you'll have to look to SLRs like the Digital Rebel XTi/400D.


  • 10 megapixels
  • 6x optical zoom / 4x digital zoom
  • Auto focus, auto and manual exposure
  • "Shift-type" image stabilization
  • Movie mode with sound
  • JPEG file format
  • ISO 80-1600
  • 2.5-inch LCD
  • Secure Digitial Card storage (32MB card included)
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Part Number: 1285B001
  • UPC: 843477007185
  • Release Date: Sep 14, 2006

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Canon PowerShot G7 Reviews

Canon PowerShot G7 Reviews by Digital Camera-HQ Users

  • 5.0 out of 5
Amazing but fatally flawed (David — 09/29/2009)

From day one this camera impressed me, the images caputured were fantastically detailed, the macro mode really powerful and focusing at 1cm, pictures of sand at 10 megapixels were like small pebbles.

Then the video capture was awesome too, i already own a Pro Sony VX2100e and side by side the image quality of the footage is very similar obviously as this is a photo camera and not a dedicated film camera there are some major omissions but it performs very well.

The images as i say are positively fantastic its like every press of the shutter is an epic moment.


I noticed early on that there was dust on the inside of the lens, therefore impossible to clean. then finally....exactly 2 years and 1 week later the camera fails to start/powerup and looking aroung on the internet this seems to be a VERY COMMON fault and it seems to occur at the 2 year mark, leading me to think that rumours of a "death" chip in the camera are true altho proving this would be nigh on impossible, it is a crying shame tho, as this
WAS an awesome camera.

  • 3.0 out of 5
Problem inDownloading images (Joe Nattar — 05/19/2009)

When downloading pictures from the memory cardwith the Canon G7, it says there are no pictures. The same memory card in another camera shows the images. Is there a problem

  • 5.0 out of 5
Canon G7 (Scott — 04/01/2008)

I love using the camera for videos but takes awesome photos. and i perfer to keep G7 over the G9 which i dont bel in upgrading

  • 4.0 out of 5
good for everything (LaTrice Gault — 12/28/2007)

it is a good camera. My pictures look professional. The video looks and sounds like we hired a pro. I would recommend.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Expensive but GOOD (Manivannan — 09/12/2007)

I took some beautiful pictures from my G7. The pictures are sharp and clear.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Canon g7 (Kevin Lindsay — 07/12/2007)

Great camera, very versitle, great for sports photography and as an all occasion camera, but also works as a great art camera to satisfy your creative side.

I love this camera because i am a big hobby photographer but the things i do make it really hard for me to deal with the bulk of an SLR. This camera plain and simple works awesome and is small.

only complaint would be red eye, but this is a common problem and the computer software it comes with can correct it.

  • 5.0 out of 5
My maze of camera purchases (Rob Goerlitz — 05/26/2007)

I baught an A710IS early this year and love it. It was a bit intimidating coming from my Pentax MX film camera (slr). I have come to love the Canon. The zoom is amazing and clear. The pictures print out fantastic on my epson PAL. Colors are vibrant details are very crisp and clear. I am learning to use the other features as time goes by. I can't help but want a Canon G7 on my way to one of the high end Canon SLR's. I love photography, I shot with a Sony Mavica for several years. Every few years as money permits I have to upgrade when the technology just overflows. Rob

  • 4.0 out of 5
Loving my G7! (PixelQueen — 05/17/2007)

It was a tough choice between the Canon A640 and the G7. After trying both cameras, I decided on the G7 even though it cost almost $250 more. Here's why . . . I use the manual features and they're much easier to adjust on the G7. Also, I appreciate the IS because I like to do macros and don't want to use a flash. The longer lense comes in handy too.

My hope is that the G7 will be sufficient enough so that I can hold off buying a DSLR. The G7 is a solid camera that has many of the features of a DSLR, and it fits in my purse. The chance of me getting a good picture increases because I'll have my camera with me most of the time. Can't see myself carrying a heavy DSLR and extra lenses every time I go out.

Why not 5 stars? I wish it had a better grip. There's really no place to put my thumb comfortably. I like the rotating LCD on the A640, which older versions of G cameras had. Longer battery life would be good too. I would be estatic if they included an extra battery pack, so I don't have to go out and buy one - they're on backorder. That I can see the lense barrel from the viewfinder is a design flaw.

All in all, the G7 is a great camera fit for an artist who uses her camera to create works of art through photography and design.

  • 5.0 out of 5
I like it (Chris Van Wyk — 04/29/2007)

I am an amateur but i must say that this camera allows for things to be as simple or as complicated as the photographer wishes to make them. I have the underwater case and, due to this accessory, am currently in love with this camera. I have found several aftermarket brands that are making lenses, lens adaptors and thread adaptors so the options for this camera are fantastic. there is also a great network of G7 owners on, they have their own group open for discussion and photo review :) This is the camera i have dreamt of since i was little...

  • 4.0 out of 5
A keeper to be tamed (Nelson P — 04/13/2007)

A lot of buyers are greatly confused about what cameras are. Let's lay it out straight here, its not the camera that needs to adjust, it's the user. Don't blame the camera because it did not live with your expectations, blame yourself for not knowing enough before you buy it, If you want Fuji's great low-light sensor, you will have to buy the Fuji and not look for it in a Canon (this is why hobbyist tend to collect more and more units and lenses as time goes by -there is no one ring to rule them all). That said, I bought the G7 because it best satisfied my needs. All other cameras have superiority over the other at some point, but based on my personal matrix, the G7 inched a score higher in areas that are important to me:

1. Looks: My co worker asked why I'm using film, not knowing it was a digital, the retro look got me at hello.
2. Controls: For beginners it will take a while to master the G7, I like the fact that it can force you to learn and look back at your photography knowledge. There's Auto mode of course but if you want auto everything, you don't need to get a G7, get something cheaper.
3. Build; Brick , brick, brick. You can use as a weapon as last resort to an imminent threat. I wanted to keep some camera and not end up selling it when new models arrive. that said, the friendly old man at the camera shop assured me about the legend of the number 7 - that Canon will forever protect this model number (remember rangefinder 7, EOS 7s). It was built as a keeper.
4. IQ: with intelligence passed from Canon SLRs and hundreds of reviewers attesting to its image quality, I am now a follower of that belief. But still, on inexperienced hands it will not create miracles...unless its in full auto, on a very bright day, on a great scene, at proper angle..etc etc.
5.Imperfections: A perfect camera would be a bore, I'd rather shoot with a Lomo. It may lack some important stuff like RAW, swivel monitor, bright lens and all that stuff I can live without. What I cannot live without and what G7 all had in its package are: IS (not superv but it helps), extra zoom (again not too much but there), black color, good retro styling, hot shoe, lens conversions(was reviewed as heavy and doesn't do well with flash and eyepiece), size to go in with other stuff in a nerd's bag (its not pocketable ok, unless you really fancy big bulky stuff plastered around your body), manual SLR controls.

That said, it has a little bit of everything I need, it does not always excel on those little bits but in the end when I sum the parts, it all adds up to the best camera that is capable of giving me what i, if only the Fuji engineer who handles the sensors would cross to Canon and the Canon designer over to Fuji...

  • 5.0 out of 5
Excellent camera (nid — 03/22/2007)

sharp picture good colors good features

  • 2.0 out of 5
terrible optical viewfinder (asmint3 — 02/24/2007)

optical viewfinder shows *more* than what you get! - line up the bottom just so through the optical viewfinder, your picture will not show that bottom line. If you do not use the optical viewfinder, then this is not a problem for you. The LCD is accurate. See Steve's digicams review.

- blown highlights
- noise reduction artifacts even at low iso
- iso over 400 very noisy, almost useless
- slow shot to shot speed *when LCD is on*
- typically slow and imprecise zoom
- lack of iso information in EXIF data (why???)
- poor battery life

- feels good in the hand
- small
- looks cool
- can take a nice picture
- nice controls

  • 5.0 out of 5
Built like a Leica, but with a pro-sumer Canon engine. (Peter — 01/16/2007)

After about two years of sifting through reviews and recommendations for digital cameras, I decided to settle for the Canon G7. Before buying this camera, I used a Canon F1, Canon FTb, and a Mamiya 645M for all my photography. Needless to say, my expectations and quality standards were high. I was basically looking for a camera as rugged as the F1 but in digital and much smaller. Although I never came across one as tough as the F1, the G7 — when I first held it — convinced me I found the one. Its classic design and rugged body give it a charisma that puts other compact digital cameras to shame (perhaps with the exception of the Leica M8 — but the size of the M8 puts it into SLR category, IMO).

- scroll-wheel
- glass lens /w coating
- image stabalization,

- slow lens (f2.8 rather than G6's F2.0)
- no RAW
- no grip, awkward to hold
- small sensor, resulting in reduced image quality and the inability to create photos with shallow depth of field

Bottom line:

  • 5.0 out of 5
Excellent Camera, Impressive (Phil Young — 01/13/2007)

I own over 10 digital cameras and I would say that the Canon G7 is the best of the compacts that I have. The photo quality is EXCELLENT and photos are SHARP! I also own a Canon 20D SLR, Fuji S3 Pro SLR, Sony F828. The G7 flash exposure is better than that of the 20D and the quality is at least as good or better. The G7 photo quality rivals that of the S3 and the F828. As far as compacts go, I also own a Canon SD500, SD10, Sony T10, T50, Nikon 5000, Nikon 950, Sony V1, and the Canon G5. The photo quality of the G7 beats all of them except the sharpness is about the same as the Sony V1, which has a Carl Zeiss Lense. The flash photos of the G7 is better than the V1. This G7 camera is just a fine piece of instrument that I am going to keep for a long time. I absolutely love it. I wonder how it compares with the Leica M8, anyone has both camers? The M8 costs about $5,000.00 and I waiting for someone to comment on whether it is worth the extra $4,500.00?

  • 4.0 out of 5
A bit bulky and seemed slow (Ashley Caviness — 01/06/2007)

I purchased this camera just before Chrismas to take some pics of our little girl opening presents etc.. and as I had lost my IXY 800IS (same as powershot 700IS). It seemed great at first as I loved the style and weight of the camera. It also seemed to take great pictures. I noticed though that even with the picture review off it seemed a bit slower than my Ixy and the size of the camera prohibited me from carrying it everywhere as I would usually wear my Ixy on my belt. I actually found my IXY under my nightstand of all places and returned the G7 to my local Brandsmart where I had purchased it. They were easy going about the return but beware only 5 days on returns for some items. Overall the size was just too big and it seemed slow. Keep in mind with 19 month old children these things have to be fast! Also, the IS or image stabilization is a must have!

  • 5.0 out of 5
Collector's Item (Alvin Lum — 12/28/2006)

I not comparing this to a DSLR and therefore this is a superb camera in all respect especially the manual capability and the dedicated ISO button. Low lighting is not a problem since there is a OIS and able to use a lower ISO. To top it off, this camera makes a great collector's item because the design emanates a nostalgic feeling. It would have been even a better camera if Canon did not take away the raw file format but then again many compacts do not have raw file formats. Wished Canon included the accessories in the package such as the tele converters and lenses (they want to make more money this way). However, it was great of them to include accessories for those who need and could afford them as oppose to other compacts. I love this camera, highly recommended. Here are some of the items that beats Fuji F30:

Hot shoe for many types of external flash.
Optional accessories: Teleconverters (Zoom) and Wide angle lenses.
Water Proof casing.
Dedicated ISO button.
Excellent control buttons to easily access the features.
Nostalgic and sophisticated design.

  • 5.0 out of 5
So far So Great! (Corey Barnes — 12/07/2006)

I've had this camera for a week now and i absouletly love it. I decided to upgrade from a Canon PowerShot A520, which was a big jump. The view screen is huge! You could watch TV on it ! i am still learning new things about the camera, but so far its been great!

  • 3.0 out of 5
Fair Weather Friend (Alan Saunders — 12/03/2006)

My reaction to this camera is that it would be lovely if I lived in a sunny climate. In the English Lake District where it is cloudy I really can't get this camera to produce natural light photographs which are not so utterly diminished by embarrassingly self evident levels of noise that render this camera virtually unusable in gloomy climes.
Yes there's much to celebrate about the facilities seemingly offered by this camera but the lack of integrity by Canon of sticking an overpopulated miniature CCD in releasing an otherwise exquisite camra is shameful - this camera will only produce good photographs in sunny climates or on a tripod (of static subjects).
It is so sad that marketing hype rather than honesty have led a wonderful design team having to work around a near uselessly insensitive sensor and a slow f4.8 tele lens. This camera exudes style control and creative potential but you'll have to live in a sunny part of the planet to get pictures which equal those from film cameras half a century ago,. This is a pitiful act by the world's largest compact camera maker Canon - the Fuji F30 knocks spots of your latest prosumer model at 200 ISO or above indeed, evidence suggests that the Fuji copes as well at 1600 as the G7 can at 400 ISO (see obvious comparisons on DPreview site).
In summary I feel cheated out of my money by Canon. Most pictures taken under the grey skys in the north of egland are so noisy as to be embarrasing and I am ashamed of the image quality of the appalling sensor in the camera. Evem at ISO 100 noise dominates dark shadows in cloudy daylight shots - free disposable film camera produces better results. So, nearly ����400 later, like a late 19th century photographer, I have to wait for sunny weather to enjoy the camera. Canon - you really have produced a fair weather friend which I believe has cheated me out of both my money and my hobby.

  • 5.0 out of 5
It works for me (Dave Smith — 11/30/2006)

Just got my G7 a couple of weeks ago. Coming off an Olympus C3040. I wanted more shutter speed in a fairly simple camera that could "customize" special shots not available on most cameras but not the size and weight of SLR's. Wow, did I pick the right camera for me. It can go from a point and shoot (that's excellent quality) to shooting specialty shoots in a heartbeat. Quality is exceptional and never having RAW before I don't miss it. I think its a great value for the price.

  • 5.0 out of 5
I wish (Aris — 11/18/2006)

I wish they just stop somewhere so I would know when I will stop buying Canon's.I'm having a slight problem with all my 53 Canon's and my office is small.This G7 now?When the "G" series came up I got the 2nd model. The G2.I bought it in Greece for 1000 EURO(year 2002).After 4 years I bought one again but used this time.They are awesome up to 10.000 images.After that?They just stay at your Canon collection in your office.
Now with the G7 I can say that I'm done.THIS IS IT.
Can the price drop a little at Christmas and that's all.
This is the best camera for everyone.
So simple to use and similar like all the Canon's.

Great choice.

Aris ATHENS Greece

  • 4.0 out of 5
Canon lover 4-life (Wallace Black — 11/08/2006)

I went from good to great. I use to own the G3 that is up until 2 weeks ago. The G7 is a great camera, quick, customizable and fun. The prints are top shelf, functions top shelf display topshelf, but do miss the flip-out display.
This camera has so many functions some of which I may never use, all of them good to have.

The Battery life is much shorted than advertised, I also miss the RAW format. But the start up time, delay time is on point with some SLR's. Overall I am very happy I got this camera. The price is a bit high, there are other camera that can be had for a lower price, but not with a hot-shoe and 10 megapicels.

  • 5.0 out of 5
best of pocketables, near to slr (jon robert — 11/04/2006)

I own 5 digital cams, and this is my favorite. It fits in my shirt pocket, with the cord around my neck so it won't fall out if I bend forward. It is about as good at 200iso as the 20D is at 400iso. The zoom is great for candid shots that I could not get with a large camera (people get nervous). I set the sharpness to -2, then sharpen up to 190 in photoshop. reduces noise a lot. Noise at 200 = noise at 400 in 20D. there are very few things to complain about, though it isn't perfect ( would like a bigger viewfinder, raw option, and grip surface where the thumb goes. But not big issues at all. I rate it as a 9/10. I am a pro photographer having shot over a hundred weddings. www.

  • 5.0 out of 5
perfect camera (lieca — 10/09/2006)

A perfect camera for everybody.