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Canon Powershot SX10 IS
Canon Powershot SX10 IS

Hey! You should know that this product has been discontinued. Here are our current recommended cameras in the Extended Zoom Digital Cameras category.

Canon Powershot SX10 IS

We've given the SX10 IS a grade of B.

Editor's Review

More than a year after its release, Canon is still pumping out tons of SX10 units. Like it's younger brother, the equally popular SX20, the SX10 IS features a long, 20x optical zoom and a wide angle lens, meaning you'll get maximum scope and coverage, no matter how close or far your subject is. It's an exceptional camera for travel and vacations, nicely balancing between point-and-shoot comfort and advanced features. This is still an excellent camera, but we recommend the nearly identical SX20 because it includes HD video and goes for the same price.


  • 10 megapixels
  • 20x optical zoom
  • 28-56mm wide-angle lens
  • Image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch swivel-screen LCD
  • Part Number: 2665B001
  • UPC: 4260146554799
  • Release Date: Oct 15, 2008

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Canon Powershot SX10 IS Reviews

Canon Powershot SX10 IS Reviews by Digital Camera-HQ Users

  • 2.0 out of 5
Worst Purchase Ever (Nat — 04/23/2010)
My first camera was a Canon Power Shot S2 IS. I loved it. So I decided to upgrade and bought another PowerShot SX 10 IS and have been very disappointed with it. The pictures I take with this camera are fuzzy, blurry, grainy, out of focus, have a bad color quality, despite the fact I use different settings. So, I requested a warranty repair. When I received the camera back, I did not experience any improvement. The letter from the Factory Service Center stated the optical assemble did not operate properly and was replaced. For a while I was unsuccessfully trying to get better picture quality. We sent camera back second time and requested a new one, but our request was ignored. Moreover, my husband talked to a supervisor Bill, and Bill's answer was: “This is not a baseball game, three strikes and you are out, and we will not send you a new camera”. After the second repair we got another letter, which stated the same reason as first time: “optical assembly did not operate properly and was replaced”. Does it mean the Factory did not replace the optical assembly the first time, and just held the camera awhile, then sent it back without even touching it? I believe they did not perform any repair second time either, because the camera still does not work properly. I think the Factory Service Center just waits until the warranty expires and does not perform any warranty repair. After paying for a camera and shipping the camera to the Factory Service Center twice, all we have is bad pictures from couple of trips and disrespectful treatment from the factory supervisor. Because Canon customer service doesn’t stand behind its products, now I have to buy another camera and it is not going to be the Canon brand.
  • 4.0 out of 5
Good Camera For Starting Photographer (Chris — 12/22/2009)

The SX10IS is a wonderful camera. With it's 20x optical zoom, and 80x digital zoom, no subject is too far away. Surprisingly, at 80x zoom, the pictures still come out amazing. Plenty of manual features and tons of fun Scene Modes. With a manual focus, the SX10IS makes any shot easy to get crystal clear. Macro Mode is supported along with Super Macro Mode. The camera has a strong feeling grip and a screen that's sure to not disappoint. As we all know girls like to take pictures of themselves. Well, just flip the screen around and no more cut off heads. The SX10IS is a amazing all around camera. Not too many features, but just enough to keep you hooked.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Best camera for my needs! (Neal B — 11/26/2009)

Being a father of a 2 year old, I was looking for a camera with these settings: high zoom for events/sightseeing, good quality, AA batteries (never know when you'll run out), and an "easy mode" for my wife. Because of the high zoom, I knew it wouldn't be a pocket camera, so size wasn't that much of an issue. The requirements brought me down to 3 different cameras (One Olympus, this camera, and and the Canon sx110), and I have been absolutely thrilled with my choice.

The good:

First, out of the box I was pleasantly surprised. The camera felt durable, weighed in perfectly (not too light or too heavy) and was very responsive. The menu is quick to navigate and change any settings. The LCD screen is bright, and the swivel feature was pleasant and easy to use. Right out of the box, I put it on Auto to snap a few pictures and was amazed at the quality. There seemed to be endless features and settings that would fulfill all my needs. Flash was bright at night, and it took amazing night shots with a tripod. The battery life on AA batteries are amazing.

The bad: steep learning curve. to go beyond the auto mode, you'll need to do some learning. Support for filters would be nice, however there are some after market companies that take care of that. And there are buttons all over the camera, so handing it to a stranger to take YOUR photo means inadvertently pushing some buttons and showing them where the zoom and button is.

Overall, I am extremely glad I purchased it. the only doubt I've had with this camera, is the fact that one month after I bought it, they released the sx20 is, which is the next step up. If they were the same price, I'd choose the sx20, but I wouldn't spend more than $30 for the upgraded camera.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Excellent camera for starters and amateurs. (John — 11/24/2009)

I have had this camera for about 1 yr. I have taken about 4000 shots with it and have been impressed so far. Great zoom capabilities but photo quality suffers a little at higher zoom levels, but still good none the less. Flip out LCD is nice too and so is the ability to use AA batteries. Controls are easy to learn and nicely placed on camera. Only quirk is it doesn't take raw image photos but if you're a beginner you probably won't need that feature. You can also buy a 58mm lens adapter for filters and macro lenses. All in all it's a good camera with nice versatility.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Journey Shot (George — 11/16/2009)

Looked for a quality image, found this camera delivered, on quick responce and a wide 28-560 mm focus with image stablization. Compact enough to travel and provides enough control to be creative. Canon has produced a winner in the SX10 IS.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Good camera...with a few issues. (CameraFyre — 11/03/2009)

The Good: Impressive focal range in a relatively compact lens, surprisingly usable images up to ISO 800, generally easy to use, uses inexpensive AA batteries, image stabilizer a welcome assist for handheld telephoto shots, fast and quiet zoom lens (thanks to the ultrasonic motor), DSLR-like styling.

The Bad: It's big, it's heavy, the long zoom lens has typical issues for its type (chromatic aberration, some barrel distortion, etc), it lacks 720p HD movie capability.

Some rivals have slightly sharper image quality (the Panasonic FZ35, for example)...but they all share the same basic issues. I find the Canon to be one of the best big-zoom cameras out there, but shop might find one you like more than the Canon.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Great camera (Dave — 10/17/2009)

no problems other than its a little heavy.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Overall Good camera (Kapil Singh — 10/15/2009)

I have taken about 5000 pictures on that camera and printed about 200. The printed pictures are the best in quality and colours. Becasue I have selected the best ones.

Though it is a point and shoot camera with small sensor, but not doubt very versatile. To many features and settings for amatures who want to go in to DSLRs. Manual settings are fabulous. You cannot take a clear snap of half moon with auto settings but with manual, you can adjust the shutter speed and aperature value till you get the best picture.

Pros :
(1) Easy to Use
(2) Good quality Zoom
(3) Excellent image quality (with appropriate settings and environment)
(4) Good body built
(5) Nice coulous
(6) Too many features like DSLRs
(7) Good bettery life
(8) Tilting LCD
(9) Good macro mode
(10) Can take good snaps of fast moving subjects.

Cons :

(1) After ISO 100 Picture becomes granny
(2) Some times problems with auto white balance in indoor shots
(3) Hard to take excellent snap in full sunlight
(4) Inbuilt flash is good but speedlite needed for long range
(5) Hard to take clear picture in cloudy days
(6) Cannot focus if different contrast areas are in frame.. some areas are too dark and some are over exposed.
(7) Picture on PC is different than it looks on LCD
(8) Viewfinder is worthless.. no clear view though adjustable
(9) No UV filters can be attatched (if you do that you may damage the threading)
(10) Some times flash take too much time for charging.

Conclusion : Though there are too many pros and cons for this camera but still it is the best in its category. One should not comapare its image quality with any DSLR. With small senson its procuding nice snaps even at full zoom. So go for it become you jump into the world of DSLRs as i am doing.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Good Camera (Daniel Ruschel — 09/20/2009)

Need help to threads a circular polarizer...What´s the real diameter for filters?

  • 4.0 out of 5
versatile (C Fant — 09/06/2009)

Family shots, grandkid's sports and work for a local web site are easy with my S10IS. Started with a little Olympus - HP850 - S5IS and now S10IS. Need to learn more on indoor shots for class reunions. Nice not to be changing lenses.

  • 2.0 out of 5
Grainy, Noisy looking photos on auto mode (Joe Geremia — 08/13/2009)

I own two Canon 40D's and bought the SX10 for my wife. I was more than just upset when I saw the quality of the photos she took. Quality set on large and ISO on auto. She does not know enough about programs to shoot on anything but "auto".

You would think this was a 2 megapixle camera from looking at the poor quality of the photos.

She's taken approximately 800 photos and maybe 25 of them are even acceptable. You certainly would not want to enlarge any of these over a 4X6"

Camera repair store said it is not how many megapixles but rather the size of the sensor. This one has a very small sensor and the quality of photos on this $400 camera is to be expected.

Extremely slow from taking one photo to taking the next one also. Good possibility of missing important shots (well, with a better camera anyway).

  • 2.0 out of 5
Not so hot at first use (chye — 08/09/2009)

View finder so very clear. Zone focussing not at all sharp. Give me a little more time before I either have found a way to overcome these shortcomings or condemn this camera.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Great optics (dazay — 08/06/2009)

I like an optical viewfinder, so this electronic thing is a disappointment. The standard objections (no HD video or shooting in RAW) mean nothing to me as I'm not interested in video and have long tired of RAW. If you want an intuitive, simple to use camera with a superb 20x lens then you will be well rewarded. Another shortcoming (lack of filter options) is addressed by Lensmate, so at the very least you can protect that superb lens with a skylight filter at all times and grab a polarizing filter while you're at it. Love not constantly changing lenses as with an SLR and lugging them about, and adore the incredible optical resolution of this camera which is flexible enough to address any lighting challenge.

  • 3.0 out of 5
No batt meter and poor video format (Rick Castardo — 08/01/2009)

Prior to this I owned a Sony sureshot. I purchased the Canon because of it's amazing telephoto range and it delivered, BUT.
I use Windows Media Player and Movie Maker to view, edit and compile my videos, so the MOV format used by Canon is not compatible.
ALSO - no battery meter was a poor decisionalso - the camera shuts down when the batteries need replacing WITHOUT WARNING.
These 2 factors alone might not make me switch - but I am glad I kept the Sony.

  • 5.0 out of 5
You HAVE to buy this camera (Mary — 07/26/2009)

This camera has an EXCELLENT zoom and macro. I have never been so pleased with a camera. I use it everyday just trying to find new things to shoot.
Best place to buy this camera is Best Buy, cheaper then Walmart and they have the camera set up so you can actually use it and use all the bells and whistles.
You can find a filter adapter for this camera at LensMate so you can put on a polarizer filter (58mm) or any other filter you like.
The User Guild could have gone into more detail when explaining each thing, but over all it's very good and pretty easy to understand.
It takes very sharp pictures and I think you will be please with the results.
I hadn't originally planned on getting this size camera, but sure glad I bought this one.

  • 5.0 out of 5
great camera (Matthew — 07/24/2009)

This is an excellent camera, the zoom is amazing, and the resolution is great too. the image stability is quite good, most of my photos are largely unblurred, although some are blurry at the edge, I assume because of the IS. the digital zoom is OK, I have got some good photos of the moon, where I needed to use the digital zoom so the image wasn't over exposed, but I recommend turning it off. the manual mode is quite useful, particularly the manual focus, which is useful for focusing on something that is in an odd place, like behind trees, or for super close ups. the only problem I have come across is that sometimes there is excessive noise, but it is generally clear. For my first camera, I am very pleased with it. A fantastic camera.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Wowowow! (Roland DiSabatino — 07/09/2009)

Comingto this camera from a broken Minolta Maxxum 7D and 7 lenses!!! LOL! IMO this is a wondeful camera and the darn thing is the Auto setting for the Shooting mode outsmarts me everytime! It changes ISO from scene to scene, WB has been very good and I have so little to do in Photoshop after a series of shots. I also tried a hand held IR filter and with the camera on a tripod got a very very useable picture. The Panorama assist is very good too. Well I am stubborn so I will revert back to Aperture Priority most times.. but that Auto mode is superb .. thus far. The Alkaline batteries that came with the camera are still chugging even after about 20 or so flash photo test shots. I really like this .. better than a DSLR by far .. I now don't have to lug around 25 pounds of camera, lenses as tripod as I did with Minolta Maxxum 7D and consequently I am using the camera more often, smile at the results and can't help but give this camera an Excellent rating for the every- day enthusiastic hobbist photographer. Luv it! :-)

  • 3.0 out of 5
Focusing problem (KY — 07/05/2009)

I'm still learning on handling this camera. I don't know why the camera seems like having focusing problem. Outdoor photo is ok but in door photo seems can't focus well. All in door photo looks ok in LCD monitor but not when it is viewed in computer screen. Can any one advise and drop me a mail in Thanks.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Still Learning (Michael Ciantar — 07/01/2009)

I have had the SX10 IS for a month or so, have taken lots of pics of ocean, sunrises and sunsets, pelicans, zooming in, playing with auto and manual type settings, being a bit of an amateur I am still learning and trying to work out what setting is best for what. I take a pic of a sunrise or sunset on auto, it comes out quite wonderful, then I chage to one of the manual setting whether it be apeture or shutter speed, change the settings on these, take some shots, change the ISO, take some shots, when I review the pics I have a handfull of great shots, and quite a few of not so good shots with a bit of noise and graininess in them, so I need to work out what works best. The camera has some amazingly great features which lets you use it as a point and shoot on auto or as I have written, use it with all the other manual features. How you zoom in on a subject in low light, or at dusk and get a sharp crisp photo I am not yet sure, mine come out with noise, but I am sure its just me with the wrong settings.

Overall I think this camera has it all, has a nice feel to hold, the buttons and controls all work well, is able to remove red eye within its settings also. Lots of camera for you money, go for it. The software works very easy to, uploading to the computer.

  • 5.0 out of 5
An excellent package. (Joy — 06/19/2009)

I had gone for either Olympus SP565UZ/SP570UZ or for Canon S5IS. But, I have got a Canon SX10IS at last. Its simply too good. It is having lots of pre-programmed functions along with some beautiful manual features for Pros. Also, it can be a very good platform for future DSLR-handlers. Now - heard of Canon SX1IS with better video ability. Can try to have a demo of chosen ones before choosing one for self.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Canon SX 10 (Joey Carver — 06/04/2009)

I really enjoy this camera and it's quality.However I am very dissappointed that there is no AC supply included with the camera, and it is very hard to find.It is essential for any work with the computer.Batteries just don't last.What possible reason could have possessed Canon to omit such an important accessory.I would rather have paid a little more and have the supply included.I'm sure most owners would agree.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Great Camera (Alan — 05/08/2009)

I have only had this a month and I am still learning all of it's tricks. But I love the feel of it as it reminds me of my SLR Camera. The pictures are great I have done night shots(stars) and Macros(Flower Petals) and everthing in between. I have taken hundreds of shots already and still on the batteries that came with the camera.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Great Camera (Alan — 05/07/2009)

I have taken Macro's and Distant. Shooting the Moon and stars and night to the petals of a flower. All are great. It is alot of fun to play with the settings, I have used Sunset during the day to get some really neat effects on the sky and clouds. Still playing and enjoying the discovery.

  • 3.0 out of 5
I'm disappointed (Bill McKay — 05/05/2009)

I'm sure it can take good pictures...maybe I'm just too picky but the focus never seems right or the exposure is over or underexposed....maybe 1 out of 5 pictures are OK.
Why does this have to be so much more complicated than a film camera?

  • 4.0 out of 5
An Excellent Superzoom/Ultrazoom (whatever you want to call it). (Phacetious Plebbe — 04/27/2009)

I bought this camera to replace my Fujifilm S2000HD which had been stolen in January 2009. I was concerned about the film quality, having been thoroughly misled by the reviews online for the Fuji. But I took the plunge after reading a number of positive reviews.

Two months later, I stand as a satisfied customer, more than happy with my investment. I am a budding amateur photographer, and I am learning more as I go along, but have not yet been bitten by the dSLR bug. I am however, more advanced than your pocket point-and-shoot.

I have taken over 2,000 photos already, and the ones I have had to ditch have been the ones which have been bad due to my inabilities or hastiness. It is a wonderful device, albeit on the heavy side. However, it truly is worth the purchase, in that it has excellent ultrazoom capabilities, with semi- or full manual controls, or the ubiquitous auto setting. I am slightly disappointed that I have to manually raise the flash, unlike my Kodak P850, my original ultrazoom (seems crazy to call it that now, comparing its 12x to the Canon's 20x OPTICAL ZOOM), but it is not by any means a deal-breaker.

I encourage any of you wholeheartedly to buy this camera if you are in the market for an ultrazoom. Do not even be put off by the use of the AA batteries, as the battery life is excellent on this machine. One set of 4 AA batteries will give you at least 350 photos, if not more (some sites quote 400 as the minimum, but I always figure that that's marketing).

One piece of advise, and this is one thing that caught me: please ensure you have a good camera bag. I have a small one and the lens cover got slightly damaged as a result. Invest in a good camera bag. I would have done so myself except that my funds were spent totally. On my next trip I will buy a good one.

Get the camera, I truly don't think you will regret it, even if you are an occasional photographer. I believe that after you are introduced to its features, you will be more than intrigued and desirous of using it more.

I hope this proves helpful.

  • 5.0 out of 5
What a camera? (Brian — 04/18/2009)

Awesome. Close to an SLR without changing the lens. Worth the investment. Great Camera.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Great camara (Mike — 04/12/2009)

This camera is amazing! I read a review that said it was slow in sports mode. I have shot several hundred lacrosse photos this spring and have not found that to be the case. It's a great camera for birding as well.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Better Every Day (Brian Munday — 04/10/2009)

I was looking for an advanced pont and shoot with a good zoom. I did not want the bulk of a DSLR, plus I didn't think I would have the patience and skill level to take pictures with a SLR. I am using the camera for day to day picture taking. I do a lot of hiking and canoeing, and I wanted and extended zoom. I did not want the bulk and wieght of a DSLR. After lots of research this camera seemed like a good choice. I couldn't be happier.
This camera is VERY close to a basic SLR. It won't take the same quality of pictures at higher ISO, but there is no lack on manual control. I am extremely happy with the camera. There are very few pictures I am unable to take. A SLR might be better for low light situations, and the choice of lenses would be nice, but this camera will shoot from 28mm up to 560mm. For the average to slightly above average photographer this camera is great.

  • 5.0 out of 5
So Far So Good (Amanda — 03/19/2009)

Well I have had this camera for a couple weeks now. I originally wanted a Canon S2. The price of a new S2 was actually more than the SX10 so I bought the new one. This will be my third digital camera and also my third Canon. I like it alot so far. Alot of the settings are the same as the other Canons so I like that. I love the color accent mode and I just learned how to use the color swap mode. I bought s new camera because I thought the color was off in my old one but I came to find out I was using it wrong lol. I am still getting to know the manual. I suggest reading the manual there is alot in there I didn't know. I did notice that when I took a picture with the SX10 the color in the LCD display actually showed a more vivid picture than it did on my computer. I am sure the settings need adjusted on my display. I find that if you Zoom in all the way the picture does get blurry. I read alot of reviews that said this was bad in low light but if you adjust the ISO you get a better and lighter pic. I recommend Canon to everyone. My first Canon got dropped in a bucket of water(with the warranty being up) and I was devestated. In the end the camera came back to life without sending it in for repairs. I am not an advanced person but the more I learn about this camera the more I like it. The only thing I don't like is the lens cap. It will attach to the shoulder strap but i wish it had a string. The LCD display is great. I am still getting to know this camera but it seems to have everything I need. I bought this instead of a SLR because it seems to have alot of similar options the SLRs have but without the extra lens'. Also you can buy a better flash for it . I like this camera and recommend you buy it. If you do decided to buy it make sure if you buy it from Amazon you ask the seller about a return policy. I emailed several sellers and none responded so instead I went to my local best buy and ended up getting it cheaper anyway.

  • 5.0 out of 5
sx 10 IS (vinay — 02/28/2009)


-great wide angle and ultra zoom (28mm-560mm)
-feels great to hold in your hands (have tried holding nikon p80 and olympus sp565 ,not as great )
- excellent quality( actual prints )
- settings menu is the simplest and most user friendly
- even at full zoom ,image stabilisation is very good

cons :

- more expensive than competitors
- have to carefully select good NiMH cells,there are too many fakes floating around
- slow contineous shooting speed

otherthan these its an absolute thing!!! i almost feel like a pro with the excellent quality that my cam is producing........ its a blind bet.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Excellent but learn the manual (sonny saenz — 02/25/2009)

This is the next best thing to getting a Digital SLR . It is fully featured and fun to use but you really have to learn the camera to get the best picture possible . You have to remember the Auto setting isn't everything . The camera is complex but once you learn the basics you find the pleasure in
learning the more complex settings..this will allow you years of enjoyment from one fine peice of machinery.This is a well built camera meant to last .It fits the hand like a glove and everything is where it should be..The camera is heavy and having grown up with 35 mm, the weight adds to the balance .I can highly recommend this camera but not to someone who just wants a point and shoot there are cameras made for that and this one isn't..

  • 5.0 out of 5
This is my 9th digital camera and the best one thus far for my needs! (babci — 02/22/2009)

I have had digital cameras since they first came out some 14 years ago. I started out with Agfa, then Olympus and now Canon. This camera does everything without additional lenses and it can fit into my purse without taking a camera bag to family functions. I have a speedlight external flash from my previous version of this camera (5S IS) that fits the hotshoe on this one. The 20x zoom on this is fantastic. Contrary to other reviews, you can put a polarizor or UV or other "small light lens" on the extended 52mm zoom on this camera. I wouldn't put anything heavier than that on it because it could damage the zoom. But there is no need for anything more than that. I have used it to take pictures and movie clips at family functions and the results were fabulous. I did not like the clip on lens protector because it was not attached with a string to the cap so as not to lose it, so I went on line and purchased a 52mm clip on cap with a extended cord to attach to the camera's strap for $4.00. Just search for a 52mm lens cap with a string attached. Other than that, I would recomend this to anyone who likes taking pictures who does not want to spend a lot of money for a heavy slr. I can take close up shots of my grandsons when they are way out in left field for baseball games. My best camera so far. Also, I use the 2900 rechargeable batteries and they last all day, even with the camera turned on most of the day. I will be keeping this one for a long time.

  • 4.0 out of 5
camera two (John Hughel — 02/13/2009)

For the money it is worth it. I would buy it but Have enough cameras to date. Try it yourself.

  • 5.0 out of 5
They say if it's to ggod to be true it probably isn't - They're wrong (Thomas Veach — 01/21/2009)

I have a canon pocket camera (and a Selphy printer)and use an S1-IS at work so I was familiar with Canon products.
I read a great many of these reviews and then I went and saw the camera. I was very impressed. I won't repeat all the pros and cons but I will add this. I have old 35mm SLR equipment that has been dormant for 10 years. I got it out and tried the 52mm add ons and they work great. I even tried my old Vivitar flash unit and it works perfectly on this camera.
This camera has renewed my enterest in photography. I can't wait to try out all my old Coken filters and my macro lenses.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Best point and shoot ever (Rob — 01/18/2009)

I bought this camera just after Christmas 2008. The 20x zoom is great, and the picture quality is excellent. Most important, it allows me the opportunity to adjust for aperture or shutter speed, but still automatic enough for my wife to use as a point and shoot.

Not so good:
1) no string attachment for the lens cap
2) the flash does not automatically pop up when needed (this can be good and bad). Not really a big deal though.

Buy it, you'll love it!

  • 5.0 out of 5
Best yet (Sheila Young — 01/11/2009)

I have a Canon SD880 IS that I have used for numerous freelance travel stories, wth wonderful results published in half-page size in the Chicago Tribune, Philadelphia Inquirer and Baltimore Sun. It's a fantastic little camera. But I bought the SX10 because we were going to California and driving up the coast, and I wanted the 20x optical zoom to take photos of Big Sur.

The SX10 is nothing short of amazing. I got incredible detail on the zoom, and I just loved the movie button—and that it lets you take still shots while video is recording.

I also have a Canon Rebel XT, which is terrific if you don't need a compact. But the SX10 does it all. That 20x optical zoom is incredible. It isn't a "shirtpocket" camera, but it's close. And I have never seen such quality and versatility in a camera this size. Best pictures I've ever taken! Wish you could all see them.

There really isn't anything I don't like. I've seen the comments about the manual and that some people are confused by all the options. Maybe it's because the other Canons I own are similar in operation to the SX10, but I didn't find anything confusing. I'm still trying to master some functions and options, but in the meantime I'm taking spectacular photos that knock my socks off.

I've also seen the comments about the lens cap. I went to a Ritz store and bought an elastic lens-cap holder, which easily dealt with that inconvenience.

  • 5.0 out of 5
amazing capable camera (arun — 01/08/2009)

i am proud owner of this great camera. previously i was using S5. SX 10 does a great job in telephoto. the picture is sharp and clear than my s5. i highly recommend this to anyone new looking for a super zoom camera.

  • 5.0 out of 5
The perfect camera (Miguel Cervantes — 01/08/2009)

This is the perfect camera for all those professional photographers that after all the seventy's, eighteens and 90s got tired of cariyng all the cameras bodies and lenses, and have any back left.

Have two Canon pros cameras and are now colecting dust, unfortunable. The features on this Sx 10 are just great.

I decided the Sx 10 over the G10 because of the great zoom and not much noise after the 400 asa.

  • 5.0 out of 5
It does takes a 52mm Polarizer or UV lens (babci — 01/01/2009)

Contrary to other reviews, it does take a 52mm polarizer or uv lens that is lightweight to use for outdoor shots.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Great camera for the bucks. (babci — 01/01/2009)

It takes great pictures and I bought it as a upgrade to the Cannon S5 IS (that you have to use converter lenses to attain what this SX10 IS has built in to it). The only carry over that I can use with the SX10 IS is the Speedlite 430 flash for the external hot shoe. The manual and other reviews state that no lenses can be attached. They are wrong!!! I have numerous step up and step down rings from my other cameras and lo and behold, found that the end of the SX10 IS can take a 52mm ring or in other words a 52mm polarizer or uv lens etc. can be attached to it. This is true because I now can attach them to mine. Also, I do not like the lens cap that came with it., even though it can be attached to the strap. I had another cap from another camera that was a 52mm with a cord that was attached to it and I put this cap on my new camera instead. Just Google 52mm lens cap with a string and you can purchase one for under 4 dollars. I also use 8gb or larger SD cards and the new 2900 MIH rechargeable batteries (nothing lower than 2900) that last all day. This is the camera that I will be using for a long time. It has everything built into it with no need to carry additional heavy lenses. I highly endorse it. The flip out lcd is another Plus!

  • 5.0 out of 5
This is the camera I was waiting for (Fenraven — 12/13/2008)

Previously, I owned the S3 IS. I used it for two years and, after the initial 3-month learning curve, it worked great. I did experience the occasional "lens error" message, where the lens would not retract on its own, but if I regularly used the air gun at work to blow out around the lens, it worked just fine.

I sold that camera and its lenses when I purchased this new Canon SX10. I bought it through Amazon, and when I found that the viewfinder was defective, I sent it back and they mailed me a replacement. Amazon is terrific about such things; I can't say enough good things about those people!

I've used the camera a few times since I bought it and the pictures have been wonderful. Sharp and clear with good color (I like the "vivid" setting). While the S3 had some blurring on the left edge of the lens, this lens is sharp edge to edge. Easy to use, easy to focus.

It's winter here now and I don't take many pictures in that season (boring!), so I'm really looking foward to an early spring so I can get out and take wildlife/bird/butterfly pictures, my favorites. to see my photos. I love that this new camera doesn't require me to drag around an additional telephoto lens; it's built it. The macro functions extremely well and produces terrific pictures.

  • 4.0 out of 5
FZ28 versus SX10 (Anthony Judge — 12/12/2008)

I only got the Canon because the Panasonic FZ28 that I had bought would not download pictures onto my P.C. without locking up. To be honest apart from the extra X2 zoom and the flip LCD screen there is not much to choose between them. The big plus factor with the Canon is that it actually downloads pictures onto my P.C. The software that comes with the Canon is better, in my opinion. The Canon is notably heavier and uses 4 AA batteries which I think is more practical. Overall so far I have shot about 30 photos and they all seem superb with nice bright colours and good contrast. I have to say that I would choose the Canon over the Panasonic because of the LCD screen which is dead handy when using a tripod or taking high shots.

  • 4.0 out of 5
only missing the versatility of different lenses (TeeJah — 12/03/2008)

Regardless of how the review sounds, I am very pleased with this camera. I'm just gonna highlight a few of the MANY great things that I like about this camera, but I will go into more detail bout the cons just because I think that that's what most people like to know.

PROs - I am very pleased with the camera for the amount of $$ I paid. The functions and different modes of shooting are fun/excellent and easy and fast to adjust on-the-fly. F2.8 in manual mode is pretty cool for great depth of field. 20X optical is impressive as well. The flip-out screen is great to catch those peculiar angles with ease. Capturing shots WHILE you are filming is an underrated function that I like. Basic photo editing functionality on the camera is a cool feature that I didn't have before. I like that no matter how close I am to an object (0mm), I'll still get a clear picture in focus...wide/telephoto lens is a GREAT thing to have.

CONs - My biggest argument is with myself rather than the camera. I have to master the only lens that comes with the camera, which makes me sometimes wonder if I would've like to spend more money for a camera that has the versatility of adding different lenses (like the G10)???But when I think about it, for the price I paid, I can't complain (I knew what I was getting myself into). The manual focus function is a bit tricky/challenging to figure out (I miss the SLR way). The lens cap is not connected. . . happy hunting. There is an internal "pop-up" flash, but it's only consistant for less than 12'. You need good lighting for the "Tele" shots or a steady hand with some AP and Shutter tweaking and/or the flash, although a tripod would somewhat remedy the situation too. I'll admit I do miss the continuous (4+ fps) of th 40D, but $$$ remember.

The only thing I am going to "add" is a Speedlite flash (430ex or 580).

Summary - If you don't have the $$ to buy all kinds of different lenses/equipment and just want something that is packaged to offer you MORE than just your average P&S camera for the same price, then this camera is for you. I really am excited about owning this camera and love the control I have to be creative or to just shoot in the auto mode or any of the presets and feel confident that I'll hve quality shots.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Canon Powershot SX10 IS...AWESOME!!! (MAC — 11/27/2008)

I am a relative beginner when it comes to technical photography. Having said that, I have used many different cameras in my 50 years, including a colleague's Hasselblad back in the late 70's!!! I have also used many digital point-and-shoot cameras including film pas cameras. My wife has a Kodak z612 prosumer camera which is very good. THIS camera, folks, this new Canon SX10, is just awesome! I cannot believe how good the telephoto lens is. I have been playing around with the different modes and it is astounding how good it performs. It shoots better movies at VGA res (with stereo sound), than my dedicated Canon Camcorder I bought in the mid-90's. I have learned to respect and love Canon products over the years. They are really at the cutting edge of photographic technology. My next camera will be a Canon DSLR of sorts. I highly recommend the Canon Powershot SX10 for it's solid build, heft, functionality, performance and, oh, that sweet, sweet AMAZING 80X Zoom (including the 4x Digital Zoom available). BUY IT NOW!!!!

  • 5.0 out of 5
Worth Every Penny (Rachel*B — 11/21/2008)


Optical zoom-zoom-ZOOM (28-560mm)
Vari-angle LCD
Digital zoom is very usable, producing colorful, detailed images.
Effective image stabilization
Bright, richly saturated colors
Simply the best macro mode
Good noise reduction—images are clean and excellent through ISO 200, shots at ISO 400 are very good, and ISO 800 can be used in a pinch.
Great movie mode includes stereo sound plus options for adjusting both exposure and color—wow!
Point-and-shoot ease for quick shots as well as a broad range of creative controls
Very good dynamic range
Custom setting feature
Flexizone focus and face detect options
Three metering modes include spot, evaluative and center-weighted average (with spot metering, you can elect to meter at the flexizone focus point or center—cool).
Many advanced features of a d-SLR + several lenses all in one convenient package
AA alkaline and rechargeable batteries (600 shots per charge)


Tendency to overexpose (although at telephoto lengths, this is an advantage—an increase in shutter speed not only corrects exposure but results in fewer blurrier shots)
Contrast is not quite up-to-snuff.
With iContrast enabled, images have unpleasant gray-blue cast that can’t be tweaked out.
Zoom sounds are quite audible in movies—clack-clack.
Barrel distortion and color fringing at 28mm
Tripod or monopod sometimes necessary for telephoto shots in lower lighting
At longer focal lengths, autofocus often fails in low light, no matter what.

  • 5.0 out of 5
SX 10 IS - Great Camera (Dennis — 10/29/2008)

I have been reluctant to purchase a DSLR for some time Not sure why, i guess i was waiting for the technology to get better. Instead i continued to shoot my EOS 650 from the film days. My wife has been shooting all of our digital pictures with an old 5.1 sony. Well it was time for a newer digital camera that would take some real photos, and have zoom capabilities. I still wasnt ready for the full size SLR so i started looking into the Advanced cameras. I have always liked canon so i compared this camera to the Sony and Nikon in the same class. Wow this camera killer. Great pictures, very sharp. Very smooth and accurate zoom. The metering Seems to work very well. The canon controls may be tough for beginners, lucky for me they are similar to my EOS. Plenty of presets and the Auto shoots great pictures. This camera is so much like an SLR not sure why i would ever need one and for less than $400, you cant beat it. Great Camera Cannon.

  • 5.0 out of 5
For What I need it's perfect! (G — 10/29/2008)

For $400 I think it's a bargain. I paid less than that due to a gift card, but I've been impressed with build quality, zoom range, value, good chip set, ease of use, hot shoe, speed, flip & twist screen and color accuracy. I'm a RE Appraiser and this camera replaced my Nikon 5400, which served me well, but after a week in the field it's been a champ. Its bulky, but oh well. With the zoom range and can a lot more than my old camera. My initial impressions are positive and for $400 its a no brainer.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Best over-all (Ed Gallagher — 10/29/2008)

I have found the SX10 is a great camera for the person looking for a easy way to take a variety of shots. If you want you can use auto, P TV and AP and even a manual setting when the time allows you to choose your own settings. Zoom is great and is always available. Movie storage on a 4GB SDHC is more than adequate in 640X480. Just purchased the 430ex II to help with those indoor shots.

  • 2.0 out of 5
Sticking with the canon S5...Canon sx10 deal killer (Wanderlust — 10/24/2008)

Greetings everyone!

For so long, I postponed actually purchasing my canon s5 waiting for the sx10...just in case I wanted to get the most recent model. So I wanted to love the sx10. I mean what would there be not to love about the sx10 with a 20x zoom??

Well alot and I am really disheartened after testing it out and I will be sending it back to amazon as soon as I receive one of the last s5's sold by costco. I bought mine last night and today they had taken them down from their site. So I got lucky.

So I was willing to compromise on alot to keep the sx10 which I bought at amazon for 360 with free 4 gb card on a one day sale.

I was willing to live with the mov format over the avi because when I viewed it from my laptop the quality is not too much different than the avi though a little more complex to process for some people.

I was willing to live with the bulkier lens yet for incognito purposes like concerts the s5 without lens adapter can pass for a point in shoot while the sx10 really looks like a dslr almost the size of my Nikon d40.

Now since I have the dslr you might ask why I wanted the s5 when clearly the images can't come close to the d40. Well, I really love the articulating screen for when I'm doing blogging or making some kind of how to video for youtube where I can watch what I'm filming while I'm basically filming myself.

I mostly want to keep the s5 for the video capabilities because it's very good in low light even in an aquarium setting. Which brings me to the deal killer of the sx10 it is just ineffective in low to medium lighting when using the zoom.

I was outside in fairly good light filming my airedale playing soccer and the lcd grew darker when I zoomed in. At first I thought, oh defective camera until I realized it was just the change in fstop.

If canon had been able to keep the same f stop range as the s5, I would have tolerated everything else for the nice wide angle and telephoto zoom which I do love and for the ability to use a higher iso with less noise. But high iso cannot compensate for it's poor performance in anything but strong sun lighting. And with the change in control dial which is tedious and the inability to add filters and the terrible low light performance...I'm forced to pass on this upgrade.

I did discover in my testing if you put a 55mm polarizing filter over the lens it will stay put and if you carefully twist the polarizing ring you can can take pictures with it but you have to be very mindful and this would probably prove tedious in a real world photo session. And I for one really love using a polarizer. My sunpak 52mm uv filter did not fit on the threads of the sx10.

So those are my frustrations and I am disillusioned after having such high hopes for this camera.

So what I'm left to be grateful for is that I have the s5 to fall back on when I want to use an articulating screen for picture taking and to have a pretty high quality, low light video ability.

I'd like to know how others have felt after trying out the sx10.

  • 5.0 out of 5
A lot of camera for the price. (Dan Elswick — 10/18/2008)

I am writing this because I have not found a good review of the SX10 IS, however there are "reviews" that are little more than spec. sheets, such as this on from [url=]dpreview[/url]. I will not write a full review, however, I will provide information that many people will find interesting or important.

I enjoy nature and that includes everything from deer to foot paths to flowers to astronomy and everything in between that looks interesting. Over the years I have taken a few shots as professional work, however, I do not make a living with photography. I also take pictures of or for people that range from weddings to family get togethers to portraits that require lots of thought. And, of course some shots are simply point and shoot.

I have had the Canon SX10 IS for a week and have taken over 700 pictures and a few movies. To some that may seem like a lot of pictures, however, possibly due to the wide range of my interest, it takes me a few thousand before I get to know a camera fully.

There is a wheel [control dial] that is used for a few things, such as changing shutter speed. That wheel is around the Function/Set button and is also used for macro, manual focus, and so on. If the wheel is pressed too hard while trying to focus or any other like use, a different ability pops up, such as ISO or continuous shooting option. It took me some practice to stop pushing the wheel so hard that unwanted functions popped up.

This camera has some harsh limitations when compared to much more expensive cameras which limits ISO in many circumstances. I use ISO 80 as often as possible and have found great flexibility at ISO 80 because of the options and capabilities of the camera. Unfortunately many people will want to take action shots, sporting events for example, in less than optimal lighting. I have not done any of that work with this camera yet so I will not address it.

I have taken pictures of moving animals some of which include flapping wings and have very good results.

I was very pleased, nearly astonished, with super macro capability. Pictures came out very sharp. The only problem I experienced was too much brightness on tiny white flower peddles in direct sunlight, depending upon the angle of light, it washed out some fine detail, when set to auto exposure. However, overall color and sharpness were striking. Again, I was using ISO 80.

If you are looking for a camera bag the camera is about 5"x3"x4", leave extra room for the included lens hood and any extras such as external flash purchased separately.

Using a 4GB SDHC card the camera can take 905 stills at the largest resolution and super fine setting, or almost 46 minutes of VGA video with stereo sound.

Digic 4 provides many great capabilities including lighter faces of people that are back lit, continuous focus of moving targets. Read up on many of the other great things in the link I provided or any other sound overview.

Regarding usable picture size or mega pixels, these are some general findings. Note that they are my personal criteria. Acceptable means an average camera user's acceptance, not professional quality:

ISO 80: Outstanding. I can walk up to 6 foot wide picture and still enjoy the quality.
ISO 100: Very good at 50% image reduction or 5MP [very little noise]
ISO 200: Good reduced to 20% of original and acceptable at 30% of original size
ISO 400: Good for pictures 7" wide, acceptable for 8x10"
ISO 800: Acceptable for pictures 7" wide
ISO 1600: Unacceptable. Only use for pictures that are absolutely necessary and cannot be obtained in any other way. A great deal of noise and false or lack of color.


28mm wide angle to 560mm [20x zoom]
Full manual or automatic control.
Outstanding pictures at ISO 80.
Great color and sharpness at ISO 80 with maximum zoom.
I took some pictures of the moon at maximum zoom and the camera did well, except the auto focus worked hard at getting proper distance. Craters were well defined.
Awesome super macro quality and capability.
Great stereo sound quality in movies, option to reduce wind noise while out of doors.
Can use zoom while recording movies, and nearly quiet operation.
Movable "rotating" LCD screen.
Hot shoe.
Long battery life with 2500 mAh NiMH batteries.
Can purchase inexpensive rechargeable or alkaline AA batteries nearly everywhere.
Camera is heavier than smaller models, this may be a con to those not used to a heaver camera.


Electronic Viewfinder is difficult to use especially at high zoom, choppy.
Controls are small and could be a problem for people with large fingers.
ISO 1600 is useless except for photos that are a must have.
Slight purple fringing along edges of some pictures, depends on lighting and scene.
If proper consideration for lighting is not used lens shadow will show up in some super macro shots. I do not have a problem with it, however, some may.
Lens cap does not have a cord attached to the camera, you can lose it.
Camera is a little "slippery", you have to learn to hold it properly.
Strap is too short to comfortably use the movable LCD screen.

This camera is worth the money, the benefits far outweigh the cons. I rated this camera excellent because of the capabilities vs. price.

Suggest purchase? Yes.

  • 5.0 out of 5
SX10-IS (Donald Titus — 10/15/2008)

Great camera with a few flaws. Minor - The little doors covering the digital and DC in/AV out connections, once opened will not stay closed. Cheaply made. Major - When using the zoom, the camera forces an aperture of f5.7 and will not allow the user to take advantage of the cmera's f2.8 capability.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Canon SX10 IS (Sam Murray — 10/10/2008)

This is my first mega zoom camera and I am initially very pleased. It arrived yesterday so these are just my first impressions. I found the controls to be a bit confusing and not particularly intuitive. That aside, I love the camera. The zoom is fantastic. With the 20X zoom, I'm able to see individual cars on a freeway in the background when the bridge is barely visible in the 1X photo! I pleased with the quality of the photos and don't find much loss of quality at a distance unless shooting in marginal lighting. The controls, once you're familiar with them, are easy to use. I particularly like ability to use the viewfinder without having to view the LCD screen. Although the screen is larger with the LCD, the viewfinder enables one to clearly see the object without any disruption by sunlight. Not to berate the LCD, however, since it may be tilted to almost any angle so that one can view the object while raising the camera over your head, etc. It has a multitude of functions which I haven't had the opportunity to try yet so I can't offer you more than my happiness with the camera and the features that I have used.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Getting better (Porky — 10/07/2008)

This is the best of the Canon S series yet. I like the Zoom range, and the color of the leaves we took are as close to lifelike as possible. 52mm filters can be added to this lens. The controls are in different places, but work like the S2, S3, and S5's do. After slightly over 1000 images on 2 cameras, they are above our expectations for image quality. Battery life is great with 2650 NiMH batteries. I installed a SD card from the S5 and the numbers are consecutive on the SX10. Like the other S series on consecutive one can shoot until the card is full at about 1.4 fps which we use for boat launches. The Digic 4 processor is also faster than the Digic 3 of the S5. On and off switch has been changed to a push button that should work much better with gloves on in cold weather. The SD card is like the S2 and S3 on the outside behind a door, and not in the battery compartment as the S5 was. We don't take movies with our cameras so have no idea what it will do for that. The image stabilizer is also much more accurate and faster than on the others we have. If these cameras stand up like the others, (over 50000 images on the S2) we will be very satisfied with the SX10IS.