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Canon Powershot SX110 IS
Canon Powershot SX110 IS

Hey! You should know that Canon has released a newer version of this product: the Canon PowerShot SX120 IS.

Canon Powershot SX110 IS

We've given the SX110 IS a grade of B-.

Editor's Review

Extended zoom on a budget, the SX110 IS brings point-and-shoot simplicity to the long-range reach of an extended zoom camera. It's a medium-range lens (10x optical zoom) and reasonably sized sensor (9 megapixels), combined to provide a simple, easy-to-master photographic experience.


  • 9 megapixels
  • 10x optical zoom
  • Image stabilization
  • 3-inch LCD
  • AA batteries
  • Part Number: SX110ISK
  • UPC: 681066549544
  • Release Date: Sep 07, 2008

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Canon Powershot SX110 IS Reviews

Canon Powershot SX110 IS Reviews by Digital Camera-HQ Users

  • 4.0 out of 5
Shooting with Point & Shoot Digicams (Quazi Ahmed Hussain — 03/16/2010)
Although I upgraded to DSLR in April last year, yet use the SX110 quite frequently. It's a lovely walk around camera. Granted u won't get DSLR results however, for a hobbyist it's a great piece of equipment to capture memorable moments. Here's a link to one of my recent captures with it:
  • 1.0 out of 5
horrible camera (Janel — 12/25/2009)

this camera has the longest delay in between pics. You have to wait for the flash to cool down for about 10 seconds. 10 seconds doesnt seem long, but when you are waiting to snap important moments, its long. The delay is frustrating and Canon does not stand behind thier products at all. They have given me the run around many times with this issue which has been costly. I do not recommend you pay a penny for this camera!

  • 3.0 out of 5
lens error (O. Broussard — 12/22/2009)

This is my third Canon and although it takes wonderful pictures, I have experienced the same type of problem. Lens error! They won't open completely and makes the camera non-functional.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Good (Vincent — 10/22/2009)

I once borrowed this toy from my big sis (and planning to have one) it is like a professional camera. The 10x zoom and good ISO fits perfectly. I haven't tried this on a print image but that's my least priority. The only thing that bothers me is it wrist handle, for the size of it, it's really annoying.

If anyone knew other camera $200 under tell me pls I'm still a newbie here. My specs would be for Architectural purpose mainly (My Cribz thing), and on a daily basis shots

  • 5.0 out of 5
Great Camera with Excellent picture quality (Raymond — 08/28/2009)

We bought this camera a few months ago to replace a film SLR Canon AE-1. I did not want the expense or large size of a DSLR but wanted more exposure control and a longer zoom lens than a standard point and shoot. With several hundred shoots so far this camera has beautiful color and stunning detail when set to the 9 megapixel setting. It has a great fit for my large hands and you have complete control of the camera with its right hand grip area. There are many great features that make this camera able to take great pictures with minimal effort. Battery life seems good with NM rechargables. Build quality is very good (what you would expect from Canon), well engineered and logical buttons and menu settings. The only missing feature is in-camera cropping which we have with our Sony. Excellent camera for the price.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Best Camera in every way, I've ever owned! And only cost $250. (Joseph M. — 08/24/2009)

This is a must have camera. This camera should be a part of every photographers collection, and if your in shop for your first camera, the Canon SX110 IS is the Ultimate choice, for any price. This camera defines what every camera should be powered by, NiMh Batteries(Nickel Metal Hydride) I bought the Energizer AA size 15 minute fast charger at wall-Mart for $30 dollars and a four packs of AA size batteries at $10 a set. you can shoot your heart out at apx 300-400 shots per charge. and the Energizer fast charging system allows the batteries to last a lifetime rather than just a few years. fast charging Nickel Metal Hydride gives less of a chemical reaction that allows that battery technology to trully las almost forever. that is why, if you read the warranty specifications on the back of the 15 minute fast charging system made by energizer, you'll see that they offer a limited lifetime warranty, limited only because you must not physically abuse or break the batteries. normal use is covered. basically, unlimited cycles(charges/discharges). compare this $20 for 8 AA rechargable batteries the cost of one lithium Ion or lithium pollymer battery and those cost you about $50 dollars to $90 dollars each and only have a life span of about one to to years max, than kaput, done, no good- recyle time. sure, I'm into recycling just as much as everyone else is, but I'de reather buy a battery that was garranteed to last a lifetime and I can buy almost anywhere from almost any ordinary store or market in America or the world for that matter.

Oh, you want to know more about the Camera, ok, so it uses double a Ordinary batteries. See Above for details.

Has an Awesome and very bright(brightness ajustable) Liquid Crystal Display. I read hundreds of good reviews, and tried to find a few bad reviews too(very hard to find) about this camera before i bought it. seemed the only bad reviews were people almost always unhappy with their own old ways of thinking and photographing. ie, do you really need to look threw a viewfinder to take a picture, h8ll no you don't. and why would you want to with a 10x zoom lens when the viewfinder cameras that zoom don't zoom the viewfinder to correlate with the LCD zoom. LCD is the wave of the future and when best has been acomplished, why settle for less? I dont use vuefinders, I use lcd and 3inches is kicken best available. if someone made a 4 or 5 inch viewfinder, you bet ide by one. Love everything about the camera, my last digital is an 8 year old olympus 5.1 megapixel and that was more than enough picture quality so yes, this 9 megapixel is plenty good. I bought the 16GB SanDisc (Speed/Quality reated 4. in a system that rates from 2, to 4 to 6) My camera book{yes I read it about eight times}recumends a minimum of 4 so I bought the 4). that rated the data transfer to 15 megabites per second. the memory 16GB card cost me just under one hundred dollars, I bought everything at best buy. some of the workers there have played bad attidute with me but I just report them to a manager and they allways take care of the problem and I always leave feeling good. as for spending just under one hundred dollars on memory, that gives my canon the abilty to shoot several hours of video or four thousand pictures at the highest leverl of quality 9 Mega Pixels and make a print bigger than 20 inches by 14 inches. when I used to shoot film and yes I used to use the ansel adams "Zone Sytem" that was a pain to learn too, I spent several hundred dollars a month on just buying and processing the film. now all that money gets saved and I only pay for the printing and with the extra money I save I buy a new computer every two years (I have both mac and Pc), and laptops and a new car every four or five years. Still looking for a Plug In Hybrid, Canon, please get into the manufacturing of plug in Hybrid Cars, thank you for reading. happy shooting. I love my Canon SX110 IS. IS stands for Image Stabalizer. I love it!

  • 4.0 out of 5
canon sx110is (Bill Machamer — 08/17/2009)

This has been a great camera for me—but I wish it had the cropping ability within the camera since I have no pc. But it has been really great otherwise. Maybe someone has the answer to crop or trim pctures. Bill

  • 5.0 out of 5
This camera is amazing! (Rebekah — 07/29/2009)

I received this camera as a gift 3 months ago. So far, I have had no major problems with it and I am overall very satisfied with the purchase. This camera is not the average P&S. The pictures are fantastic: crystal clear, even when zoomed all the way or taken at a very close range. I took this camera to a MLB game and we were sitting mid-section and I was able to zoom in so close I could see the batter's facial hair. I also took it to an aquarium and SeaWorld and I was able to get great pictures with it.

The camera is very easy to use and has an excellent flash. In fact, sometimes it is even too bright. (I wish you could lower the flash settings.) It has all the bells and whistles, too: self-timer, continuous shooting, manual mode, slideshows, face detection...

The only things I don't like about this camera are, sometimes the flash is difficult. It takes a minute to go off and recharge if you're taking pictures in a very dark setting. The night pictures don't usually turn out well, either unless the subject is very close to you. Those are my only complaints and they are very easy to overlook, since this camera is so great. I strongly recommend this to photographers who are looking for a good, advanced P&S that is semi-compact.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Birthday Gift (Daniel — 07/18/2009)

love these camera, Igot these camera 6/29/09 on my birthday I really wanted the nikon L100 because of the look I took my canon back to best buy and trade it for the nikon but when I got it home I was shocked the pic sucked ! so I took it back and got my canon.

  • 2.0 out of 5
Not happy with this camera (melissa — 07/13/2009)

I bought this camera and started taking pic's immediately if you have a moving pic the
shot turns out blur, also you have to wait a long time for the flash to charge to take pic
and with kids, for outdoor shot at night this camera doesn't work at all! Lots of my pool
shots of kids swimming were mostly blurry. I have a canon rebel,love,love,it! But needed a smaller camera and bought the canon sx110 I will be taking it back!

  • 5.0 out of 5
dont be fooled into thinking this is the average point and shoot (byron barnett — 07/07/2009)

this camera is totally spectacular in every way. i would have never thought to get such a beautiful picture out of this camera and it not be a full slr. this camera packs many of the slr's of today with slr photo quality without the expensive price tag. i shoot spectacular photos even in a digital zooming realm using macro feature on the camera and i push the zoom to its full potential and it delivers very nicely. my photos are professional quality by all means.(not to mention knowing how to properly manipulate the cameras manual settings) the camera has loads of manual versatility allowing the seasoned photographer to have at it while it also has an auto setting and easy shooting mode for those not into all of the tweaking of a camera. the only con i have noticed since having it is it has some what of a hard time shooting in very low level lighting( still have not cracked that issue but working very hard to) and lots of the automatic iso that the camera uses while you shoot in auto mode you cant pick those iso settings while shooting in manual modes. but believe me you can make up for that issue if you can tweak your f stops and aperture speed. but it was the best 250 dollars i spent on a camera that is so digital slr packed worth every penny.

  • 1.0 out of 5
If you need repair. (Doug Lindner — 07/05/2009)

Sent camera back for repair under warranty. The camera would not power up after we changed the batteries. The battery door was always hard to open and close. After some time Canon said, there was a dent to the lens and we would have to pay to have it fixed and that the warranty does not cover this. We think this is just a way not to cover the warranty. We see no dent to lens and the camera worked fine just before the batterys were changed.

  • 5.0 out of 5
excellent choise if you want excellent results (wally sheehan — 05/19/2009)

this camera replaced a minolta motor driven but it was time to replace it and i have made an excellent pick - it is more than I could ever want in this type of camera - so far I have have found no drawbacks - part of my pictures if for my hobby of taking pictures of fire and police at work and at night it gives me better pictures than the reviews I have read on the camera - THANKS Canon

  • 4.0 out of 5
Pretty cool camera (Julie — 05/15/2009)

I just bought the Canon SX110 after reading many reviews and comparing it to other cameras in a higher price range. I've had it less than a week and have been toying around with it. It's a pretty cool camera and takes great indoor pictures. I haven't used it outside yet. The price was lower than my budget and I'm really happy with this cool camera. It feels good in my hands and the 3" view screen is fantastic. I've printed and email pictures and the quality is very good. I've also had many compliments on the look of the camera.

  • 2.0 out of 5
no up right pix view in the sun (JB Clarke — 04/15/2009)

I bought this camera and now will be returning this item. I like taking pix of my sons playing tennis. I take a lot of shots turning the camera on its side to get the long or tall view on the view finder. Here is the bad part : in full sun the sensore starts darking up as you turn and at full tilt it is so dark it will not show any thing. I called Canon and asked if I could change settings and they said "no" that is just the sensore in the camera at work. I will try a panasonic next.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Disappearing symbols (Paula Maddox — 04/08/2009)

My camera works well. However, I had used it only for two to three weeks on holiday and noticed one morning when I went to take a macro pic------no macro symbol. Looking closer—no flash, no iso, etc. Frustrating. Thank God, it wasn't my first camera or I would not have been aware of the settings. Disappointed. I have owned Kodak. Now own 2 Canons and a Fuji. Have never seen this before.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Enjoying it (Jim Steeb — 02/11/2009)

I just bought this camera as my quick take along for times when I
don't want to take the full size one. I am enjoying it so far.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Excellent Camera for Price (Stacy — 02/05/2009)

I've literally taken thousands of pics with this camera it is so easy and fun! If you work with it and learn to use all the pictures, they are unbelievable! I only wish I could post one on here for you to see! Pics are not blurry if you use a fast enough shutter speed for action. No purple if you have the correct white balance for the place you are in. Pics are not grainy if you lower the ISO and use the correct Av ratios. One of my favortie features is the Continuous shooting, so you can take pics of things like running horses and get many perfect shots! I use the sepia and black and white modes as well and love them! I turn off the digital zoom since it is only cropping the pic in the view finder not actually helping with your zoom, a program on the computer will crop them to get you much better quality I have learned. I find the pics are MUCH better once you learn when and how to use the M, Av, and Tv modes over the auto modes. A tri or mono pod w/ camera set on sunset mode gives you unbeliebable sunset shots!!! I highly recommend this camera if you are looking for an under $300 price range. Of course there are better ones if you are willing to spend more money, but for a non pro, this is more than adequate I think! LoVe It!

  • 4.0 out of 5
For 200��� this is indeed good.. (Jannick Anderson — 01/22/2009)

Can't recall others issues with blur on pictures taken with moving targets.

  • 3.0 out of 5
Nice features, Blurry pictures (D Fitzpatrick — 01/14/2009)

I've had this camera for about a month now and taken a few hundred pictures. More than half came out blurry. I've tried different modes and levels of zoom. It appears to try and focus, but the picture does not come out clear. Forget if something moves. The picture is very blurry, even on the kids and pets button. The few photos that came out clear were stunning!

  • 3.0 out of 5
Seems ok (Sarah — 01/13/2009)

I've taken a ton of pics with this camera and found that if you're taking pictures of anything moving, the whole pic blurs (which is almost every time even using the Auto feature), and in almost all of the pics I've taken there's a lot of noise in the photos. I uploaded em onto my computer and the quality just isn't that great. Not as sharp as I would have expected, anyway.

  • 4.0 out of 5
It's Good Camera (Quazi Ahmed Hussain (Dhaka, BD) — 12/22/2008)

I am an amateur obviously, I write for amateurs. Canon Powershot SX110 IS is a wonderful electronic imaging powerhouse. It can perform wonders. I had only two problems with it one; there no neck strap two; there's no image crop facility. One still remains so I have to b careful. Two is resolved. My computer runs on Windows XP and I can copy images directly from my camera (didn't install the CD). I discovered the cropping option with Microsoft Office Picture Manager. So, no headache with cropping. The camera's combined zoom of 40x works perfectly well. The object looks blurred when u focus but as u press the shutter, it becomes clear and u get a clear shot. Use a tripod to shoot beautiful landscape or wild life, u get more and more better pictures. Thanks to Canon's great image stabilizer. As still in the learning process, I'll share more in the days to come. Thanks and regards.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Grandkids pagents (Lois Graham — 12/19/2008)

Took great pictures when I turned off the flash as there was enough lighting to take pictures of my grandchildren!

  • 5.0 out of 5
Powershot SX110 IS (Quazi Ahmed Hussain (Dhaka, BD) — 12/18/2008)

It's a wonderful electronic toy for amateur photography enthusiasts. It takes excellent indoor or close pictures and also at long telephoto options. When u combine the optical zoon with digital zoom to obtain optimum 40x zoom results; it's a real surprise. The image looks blurry at first but as u press the shutter button; it becomes clear and u get a wonderful clear image. Thanks to Canon's effective image stabilizer technology - it works perfectly fine. Although I have owned it only for a couple of weeks but I keep shooting with it frequently every day. It nicely serves my main purpose of shooting nature and wild life. The only thing I'm a little unhappy about is the wrist strap. Given the size and weight; it should have had a neck strap.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Excellent Camera without doubt (Quazi Ahmed Hussain (Dhaka, BD) — 12/15/2008)

Found a review looking for how to shoot fast moving objects. Well it's there on the mode dial in the name of Kids & Pets. I found it working perfectly. Now, I need to know whether this camera offers "crop" function of images. U can select a portion of an image and save it as a separate file wherein that selected portion appears magnified. I'm yet to find it with my Powershot SX110 IS. Any kind suggestions?

  • 2.0 out of 5
Canon SX110 IS - You get what you pay for. (Harold — 12/06/2008)

The price reflects the quality. It's better than cameras that don't reach it's price range but under performs those in the same or higher price range.
Pros: Build quality. Lovely LCD. Manual controls.
Cons: Bad lens = purple fringing even when not zoomed.
Recommendation: The purple fringing makes me wish I never bought it :(

  • 5.0 out of 5
3 G: Great zoom, Great picture quality and Great image stabilization (Mayank Agnihotri — 09/24/2008)

Was searching for a camera with an extended zoom and the resolution in the range of 8-10 MP. Caught hold of Canon SX 100 IS, but it vanished from the market before I could purchase it. Wanted a medium size camera so could not settle for Nikon P80/Canon S5 IS, because of its large size. Ordered Canon SX110 on the launch date itself with apprehensions about its features..but believe me, I am not dissapointed AT ALL.
Great manual controls for Aperture and Shutter speed make it a camera for Pros, while the Auto mode is wonderful for learning photographers. The zoom is great and the image stabilisation that the camera offers at the maximum zoom level (Even at 10x optical and 4x digital i.e 40x combined zoom) is awesome. The photos in low light during my recent trip to a hill station were good in the Night mode with lots of saturation of natural colours.
Face detection is also a good feature with the camera able to detect faces very very easily (I don't know how does it work, but it really works :-))
The Digital Zoom, unlike others cameras I have used, does not distort the image to a very large extent, thanks to the high resolution and the safety zoom features. I can upload photos to depict this.(I don't know how to do this in Amazon :-))
The battery life seemed ok only , as I was able to shoot around 200 shots with my Sony NiMH(2500mAH) bateries with flash. But the batteries are brand new and should gain more strength with a couple of charge-discharge cycles. But a spare set of batteries is always helpful.
I had a Nikon 5600 prior to this so wanted a middle size camera with extended zoom and manual controls, and glad to find SX 110 fit all my needs.
A thing that is missing is a Sports mode, which is a feature to shoot fast moving objects. I had this in my Nikon 5600, but could not yet find it on my SX110. Possibly the Manual controls for Aperture and Shutters could make this up for me. Still in the learning phase :-)