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Casio Exilim Z1050
Casio Exilim Z1050

Hey! You should know that this product has been discontinued. Here are our current recommended cameras in the Ultra Compact Digital Cameras category.

Casio Exilim Z1050

Editor's Review

Casio Exilim cameras are noted for their extremely small profiles, even by ultracompact standards, and the Exilim Z1050 is no different. At 24.2mm deep, it is perhaps the slimmest 10-megapixel camera currently available, and makes for an excellent worry-free pocket camera. The Z1050 is a stylish, sophisticated camera that will draw a lot of attention to itself.


  • 10.1 megapixels
  • 3x optical zoom / 4x digital zoom
  • Auto focus and exposure
  • Movie mode
  • ISO 80-400
  • JPEG file format
  • 2.6-inch LCD
  • Secure Digital card storage (15.4MB internal)
  • Lithium ion battery
  • Release Date: Jan 30, 2007

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Casio Exilim Z1050 Reviews

Casio Exilim Z1050 Reviews by Digital Camera-HQ Users

  • 2.0 out of 5
Camera looks good but pictures are bad (Chris — 06/27/2008)

I have owned casio cameras before that produced fantastic pictures with bright colours. I thought I'd upgrade to this one, but half the pictures I take are blurry through no fault of mine, night time ones are systematically bad and red eyes are most common. Avoid at all costs.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Easy to use (Naomi — 12/12/2007)

This is the third camera I own in less than a year. Hassle free, easy to understand and take pictures. I love the pics.

  • 2.0 out of 5
Blurry pictures (MikeK — 12/03/2007)

I read many great reviews about the camera so I thought I would buy one when my old pocket digital died (a Minolta). I have to say that I have been pretty disappointed with this camera. Many of the pictures (especially inside ones) are out of focus and blurry. I’m not a professional photographer but I have used digital cameras since the mid-1990s and I can keep a camera steady when shooting a shot. I recently took some pictures of my daughter for one of her school projects. Out of the 6 shots that I took (her sitting in a chair) 4 were out of focus and one was outstandingly clear. Very odd. Because of this I went out to Walmart about bought a cheap Nikon L12. Although this camera gets mediocre reviews, I’m pretty happy with it. The overall picture quality is better than the Casio and I no longer have the blurry problem.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Great pocket Camera (jim jones — 09/16/2007)

Fits in your pocket
The Best Shot software helps with the settings
The blurry pictures I have taken were because it is small and you have to have a steady hand.
tripod pics are great
great price

  • 4.0 out of 5
Owned many digital cams - Z1050's photos are outstanding (tjb — 08/11/2007)

After digicam experience with Nikons, Canons, and Casio Exilims, I'd have to say that the Canon Digic processessor (on the A610), for me, produced the best photos. BUT Contrary to the claims about the Z1050's photos being "blurry" or out of focus, my photos are turning out really, really well. And there IS a menu option to increase/decrease the level of sharpness in your photos. Try playing around with the autofocus and sharpness options. This is by far one of the best camera's I've had.

PS the "zoom during movie" feature is indespensible once you get used to it. And the widescreen resolution is awesome for using your landscape photos as backgrounds on widescreen monitors.

  • 3.0 out of 5
Mixed feelings (Juliana — 08/01/2007)

I had the previous model before, I believe it was Z700 or something like that, 7.1Megapixels which I bought from Costco, after 10 months it just stopped working, wouldn't react to anything turn on or off, took it back to Costco. By that time the newer model came outand I took it (EX-Z1000). It broke this weekend, the lens would not go back. It seems like it is a common problem.

Overall I have mixed feeling about this camera, I did like it, took a lot of good pictures with it, although I have to agree that most of the pictures look blurry on LCD display, but ok when you download them, and also a lot of indoor (electrical lighting) pictures do not look very sharp also.

But I did like a lot of features in this camera, large LCD, compact size, etc....

  • 3.0 out of 5
Agree with Blurry (NJ Diva — 07/31/2007)

I have to say that I bought this camera from Costco as well for the 10megapixel feature. The images were very blurry in the viewfinder after the shot and printed out very dark and lack crispness. I will be returning it today. I also agree b/c I have a Canon 4 megapixel and it rocks. I just wanted something smaller. Oh well, back to Canon.

  • 2.0 out of 5
Blurry, Blurry, Blurry (Peter — 07/13/2007)

Bought this at Costco after looking through ratings. After using it for 1 month, I find that almost every picture that you see in the viewfinder looks a little blurred, and the downloaded images are also not that sharp. When I compare picture from my two year old 3 MP Cannon to this 10 MP camera, the 3MP wins.

  • 1.0 out of 5
my camera sucks (miriam — 07/11/2007)

my boyfriend bought me this camera last year and just recently i have been having problems like my lens when it is suppose to come out it gets stuck and makes funny clicking noises also the shutter doesnt completely shut i took very good care of my camera it doesnt even have a scratch on it and its never been dropped

  • 5.0 out of 5
Great Pocket Camera! (Rachel N. — 07/07/2007)

I love this camera! I have had no problems and the only blurry pictures I've ever taken have been with the longer exposure time modes because I can't hold it still. I do have the image stabilizer activated, so I'm not sure how much that affects my pictures. I took it on my class trip to the East Coast and took over a thousand pictures with a 2GB SD card. All of the pictures came out great and display beautifully on my widescreen laptop. The battery life was great, too! I bought an extra battery, just in case, and am continually amazed at its long life. Personally, I don't care for the software that came with it, but that's just me. There's nothing wrong with it, I just prefer others. The size of the camera is perfect for carrying in my pocket or my purse and allows me to take candid shots quickly and easily. The settings are very easy to figure out. There are lots of adjustable settings that someone more photographically literate could change to create the ideal photo, but even I can get great pictures every time!
Love it!!!

  • 1.0 out of 5
Pictures are blurry! (Bernie Kwan — 06/22/2007)

No matter what I try, pictures come out blurry. It seems like it has a soft focus....taking it back to Costco. Very disappointed..will not buy another Casio.

  • 2.0 out of 5
blurry (BECKY — 06/19/2007)

I owned a 4mp Casio before and it was great. Just got this one and no matter what setting I try to put it on alot come out blurry and some the color is kind've dull. Taking it back!

  • 3.0 out of 5
Blurry 80% when taking pictures inside (john — 05/13/2007)

I would like to say to those people that hardly know about cameras to stop giving good reviews on devices that are not giving customers great results. I am in the technology industry and my wife is a graphic designer with minor in photography. I own a kodak 2MP camera for 7 years and have used SLR cameras as well. My Kodak culd take pics inside and outside without picture coming out blurry. I took many pic with the CASIO and almost all pictures that I took inside where blurry and about 60% of outside pics were not. This is not acceptable for a $250 10MP camera.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Great buy (Andrew — 04/25/2007)

This is my second digital camera, and I am very impressed. I would highly recommend that anyone buy this camera. I have taken a few test shots around the city and it has worked very well.

  • 5.0 out of 5
super software (dick warneka — 03/01/2007)

This is my second casio digital and this one is even easier to use. The large screen is a huge help. I just love the product and it's ease of use.
scottsdale az