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Fuji FinePix S5 Pro
Fuji FinePix S5 Pro

Hey! You should know that this product has been discontinued. Here are our current recommended cameras in the Point and Shoot Digital Cameras category.

Fuji FinePix S5 Pro

We've given the S5 a grade of B.

Editor's Review

An excellent option for the true professional, the Fuji FinePix S5 Pro offers a large 12-megapixel sensor and a host of advanced features that warrant attention. The large sensor allows for greater versatility in post-production, for creating large prints, doing extensive cropping or retouching, or just for capturing as much detail as possible. The S5 Pro comes in a tough metallic body, ensuring durability even in the roughest scenarios.


  • 12.3 megapixel SuperCCD SR II
  • JPEG, RAW file formats
  • Nikon F lens mount
  • Auto and manual focus and exposure
  • 2.5-inch LCD display
  • CompactFlash memory
  • Lithium-ion batteries
  • Part Number: S5 Pro
  • UPC: 4547410009392
  • Release Date: Aug 02, 2007

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