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Fuji FinePix XP10
Fuji FinePix XP10

Hey! You should know that Fuji has released a newer version of this product: the Fujifilm FinePix XP30.

Fuji FinePix XP10

We've given the XP10 a grade of C+.

Editor's Review

The XP10 is waterproof to about 10 feet, shockproof to about 3.5 feet (table height) and freezeproof to 14 Fahrenheit. It's not quite as rugged as other tough-guy models like the Olympus Tough 8010 or Panasonic TS1/TS2, but who among us really needs that much durability? Put on a wrist strap. Unfortunately, there are some complaints of the body being too cheaply built -- water tends to get into the display, so be very wary. It's been replaced by the XP30, which adds GPS capability, and hopefully, greater durability.


  • 12 megapixels
  • 5x optical zoom
  • Digital image stabilization
  • 2.7-inch LCD monitor
  • 720p HD video
  • Shockproof (3.3 ft), waterproof (10 ft), freezeproof (14 F), and dustproof
  • Captures to SD/SDHC memory cards
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Release Date: Feb 28, 2010

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Fuji FinePix XP10 Reviews

Fuji FinePix XP10 Reviews by Digital Camera-HQ Users

  • 2.0 out of 5
NOT WATERPROFF (Jeff Lup — 07/18/2011)
We have had the Fuji xp10 for 1 year and 1 month just over the warranty. It has been in the pool many many times. Even in the ocean, but the first time snorkling when it stayed in the water for an extended time we had moisture on the lcd screen. since then it will not take pictures. When it turns on it has a flashing amber led and will not take a photo. It will shoot video. I tought there may be a problem with the button to take pictures since it uses a seperate button for video. But after taking it apart the button seems to be working fine. If anyoe has any ideas please help. Fuji said it will cost to much to repair outside of warranty might as well buy a new one. If I do it will NOT BE A FUJI !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • 1.0 out of 5
Just over 1 year old, and has stopped working (LisaB — 07/04/2011)
I think I was being a little optimistic with a previous review "Good camera to knock about pool with (LisaB — 07/14/2010) " Took the camera on holiday in July last year and it worked fine. I took the camera back to the retailer in July 2010 (1 week after returning from my July 2010 holiday), as the paint had started peeling off. Was told this wouldnt affect the camera operation at all. One year later ...... I've just returned from holiday, which is only the second time the camera has been used under water. Very disappointed. After the first day the camera started freezing. I cant use the camera to review photographs taken, and the only way to turn the camera off is to take the battery out.
  • 1.0 out of 5
FUJIFILM SUCKS! (mary rose — 03/05/2011)
who has fuji xp10? they say its waterproof, but i thInk its not.shame on fujifilm products. i have used it just awhile ago to capture pictures underwater. after taking pictures when iM about to capture another, all of a sudden it turns white.i get out of the pool and i noticed that there are some water Inside my lcd. then after hoW many hours it moisted until i cAnt used it anymore.i was so disgusted and frustrated. i dnt know what happened with mY cam.i am so clueless.does anyone here exprience my situation? how did u fix it?and can it still be back to normal?
  • 1.0 out of 5
won't turn on (Jason Brantley — 12/02/2010)
Right out the box after 8 hrs of charging the battery it won't turn the camera on, I am getting my money back, and won't be buying Fuji anything again.
  • 5.0 out of 5
Operator Error ? Sad people only write reviews when they have bad experiences. (Clarence B. — 11/13/2010)
I've had the xp 10 for about 3 months. I got it USED from a friend, a General Contractor, so you can imagine what condition it is in after bouncing around on the dash of his truck going from job to job for a year before I got it. It looks totally beat to death, he never had any problems with it AND I can testify that this camera takes SENSATIONAL QUALITY PHOTOGRAPHS ! I was amazed considering its physical condition and previous owners use of it in construction debris. I wanted to have it for a cruise we're taking and wanted to have it for the Underwater capability when we go snorkeling. We have several digital cameras in our family of various brands Sony, Canon, Nikon all of which are current models and retail for more than the XP10 as well as a Vivitar which is a little less $. We've also had a few models that were retired from drops, loss and thefts. I wanted to get to know the XP10 before our cruise because I'm an avid photographer and work quickly expecting quality. I hate wasting my day trying to figure out camera setups. I've taken the XP10 on photo outings about 20 times. Here is what I can tell you so far... I am flat out blown away by the quality of the photos from this beat up POS looking thing! The subtle tones and shadings in the landscape and on individual blades of grass are better than I've gotten from any of the other cameras. I'm amazed at the detail. It has a good Optical Zoom range of 5x most other cameras are into the grainy digital zoom range by the time they reach that magnitude. I like the menus I find them fast, intuitive, easy to see and use. I Have NO IDEA What you people are talking about for battery Life! I go for a week or two using it daily without a recharge. It delivers better battery life than any of the other cameras we have, and a meter that tells you what you have left. Plus you can buy NEW batteries for the XP10 on Ebay for as little as 3.00 I've forked over $20 or more for extras for the other cameras. I also find that the chargers, batteries and cables are all interchangeable with the Nikon Stuff we have. Speaking of E-bay, I sell a lot on E-bay, this camera has a special feature just for ebay where it takes 4 photos and combines them into a photo collage of just one photo, so you can upload just 1 picture to your e-bay auction descriptions instead of 4. This saves .45 cents on every auction listing and I run at least 100 listings a month, the camera paid for itself the 1st month I used it just through the savings in ebay listing fees. The XP10 has several very nice portrait modes so it will automatically take 1 with flash and 1 without so you can choose to keep from the best result, also settings for soft light portraits and smoothing skin so your wife and mom don't look like train wrecks in family photos! Laughs The FULL AUTO complete idiot mode is the best of any of our cameras. It makes the right decisions and figures out the settings FAST! Point it around the living room at night it and watch the display. It quickly switches flash on, off, portrait, incandescent, florescent, to night scene when you point it to the window. Choosing just the right mode for every scene in the room. Very Impressive! As with anything it has its foibles. Maybe so many complaining here wouldn't be if they read their manual. I can see some idiot returning it because it doesn't turn on. Charge the battery before you put it in the camera, duh, they ship discharged for safety. The XP10 also has prevention for accidental ON by a built in power on delay of 2 seconds when you press the ON button. I kind of hated that at 1st but found it doesn't really slow me down, if you just remember to press the power button and hold it when you pick the camera up its ready to take the picture by the time you get the camera up to eye level. Now that I've gotten used to it I like it better than the other cameras that turn on in your pocket while your belted in driving or in the wife's purse or the kids backpack, the feature prevents battery waste and what would ordinarily cause lens damage in other cameras, lens damage being the most common cause of failures in point and shoot cameras. Speaking of which, being it is a camera with underwater capacity, it has a fixed glass lens on the front of the camera to prevent water from entering the body and the optical lens moves behind it inside the camera. All other cameras have a mechanical door that opens up which covers the lens and keeps the front of the lens element free from smudges and dust. I WOULD BET ALL of these people who complain about the XP10's poor image quality, don't realize this and never clean the glass lens on the front. It’s something you have to pay attention to with this underwater capable camera. You have to keep a tissue around and make sure the lens isn't smeared with the mayo from your sandwich. On this note you have to be thoughtful to shield the front of the camera lens from glare when you take photo's directly into the sun, as the sunlight has to pass through the watertight protective lens on the front of the camera and then the optical lens inside. To eliminate lens flare it’s easy to just hold your other hand above the camera to prevent the sun from falling directly onto the lens. A good photographer should do that anyway regardless, so I don't see that as much of a detriment. Plus photos taken into the sun are something to avoid anyway, a good photographer always tries to keep the sun at his back or side except for sunsets. As far as those complaining about the flash not working goes. The XP10 has about 15 auto shooting modes and flash is only available on 3 of those auto scene modes. I think that's where the complaints are coming from. It’s not that the flash doesn't work, it’s that you can't Force Flash in 12 of the 15 Auto Scene modes. So if you are shooting a landscape while standing in the shade and the background is in full sun and you want to use flash to brighten up the foreground with some Fill Flash it’s not gunna happen in Landscape or Auto Scene Selection shooting mode. You just have to OverRide that by flipping over to Program Mode, where Force Flash is Always Available to shoot a landscape or other scene with fill flash in the foreground. On the topic of flash it’s the only thing I really don't like so far, Its good in that the camera has a strong flash that can really brighten up a scene or large area, but the flash is Too Hot for fill or extra lighting when taking detailed macro shots less than arm’s length away. This is the only situation when the XP10 slows me down, You have to flip to setup and adjust the exposure compensation manually if you use flash in a macro shot close to your subject. The other common complaint I read is the buttons cover wearing out, again it’s an underwater camera, so there has to be a flexible membrane over the buttons to keep it watertight. Naturally that sort of a button isn't as positive to the touch as a conventional camera, I think the camera would do ok if the ladies would not use their fingernails to stab the membrane covering the buttons and if people could remember that nothing is indestructible, using it for a shovel and grinding sandy fingers into the buttons on the beach will take its toll. A comment about the battery door being flimsy and too easy to open made me laugh. It’s the only camera I've had that has a recessed lock on the battery door, which has to be held to the side as you slide and pivot the battery door to open it. It takes two hands and a fingernail to do it. There is simply no way that door would open by accident. Someone didn't snap it shut before they jumped overboard. One important thing to pay attention to; is that due to the XP10's versatility on accepting such a variety of aftermarket generic batteries and batteries from other brands in various shapes is that The battery slot is Not Keyed. So it is possible to reverse polarity on the battery VERY EASILY. Fuji didn't label the positive and negative side of the battery compartment. Duh! I think it is why so many people DOA this camera and or kill it in a very short time, is that they just put the battery in backwards and short the circuit, the camera has a small current reserve internally to maintain all of your settings when the main battery is removed. Put a fully charged battery in the camera backwards and you short the circuit. The OEM FUJI batteries have an ORANGE STRIPE ON ONE SIDE, THAT IS THE POSITIVE SIDE. The Battery Lock is also Orange. The Positive Side of the battery compartment is the side of the compartment which has the Orange Lock. I have NO IDEA why Fuji just assumed that the average knucklehead user is just going to have the aptitude to figure out that the side of the battery with the Orange Stripe has to go in facing the Orange Latch. Aftermarket batteries and batteries from other cameras which work in the XP10 aren’t marked like that. Why would a manufacturer just assume that someone would actually read the manual or assume that an Orange stripe on a battery would mean Positive or have any significance at all in the minds of most people? I think it’s the simple reason why so many of these cameras fail. Engineers are so smart and focused on what they are doing they don't consider that most end users of an electronic device are pretty dumb. One thing I find to be better than any other Point and Shoot out there is that you can really get a good grip on the XP10 with just one hand. The square credit card size smooth finish of pocket cameras just don’t let you get a grip with one had so you can hold it steady while releasing the shutter. The shape of the camera seems a little odd at 1st sight, but you find it is ergonomic and fits your hand perfectly and the rubber nibs all over the front give your fingers something to grip onto. With the thing on auto, and a bag in your other hand, holding onto the dog leach or the kids hand, it’s the only camera I’ve ever used were you can really easily take a good picture fast with just one hand. Only downside is it takes an extra step to cool down the brightness of the flash on macro photos and you have to shield the front lens element from sun with your hand when shooting directly into the sun to eliminate flare. Overall it’s a heck of a nice camera! Particularly for the price point. Plus its good in cold weather and snow when the mechanical pop out lenses on the other cameras usually puke out rather than pop out. Everyone in the Family fights for using it, Wife and Kids love it. I'm tired of looking for it, so I just broke down and bought 3 more for the holidays so the whole family has one. In the long run I think it will pay off considering what happens to the other cameras through the kids knocking around, sand, beaches, sports, traveling, skiing, rafting, construction, I'll write another review later and let you know what happens after the snorkeling and salt water.
  • 2.0 out of 5
Nice underwater, scenery pictures have pathetic quality (steve ord — 11/10/2010)
I am an avid snorkler/hiker/skier and have had a lot of fun with a similar camera pentax (w series) underwater camera which sadly crapped out in Hawaii (leaked) in August, 2010 so I had to buy a new one. I bought the Fugi XP10 at Walmart in Kauai and 30 seconds after I paid for it, someone returned theirs that they just bought, as it leaked. "Great" I thought. Here's my verdict. Good: Nice underwater video/pics, indoor flash pics, indoor video and nice screen size. The easy click on video feature is good. Thats it for good news. Keep reading... Now the awful truth. It takes TERRIBLE scenery pics, quality is like the old film disposable point and shoots. Not kidding, quality is SO BAD ITS SHOCKING regardless of which "feature" i selected. Everyone who saw the pics had the same opinion -- ooh, these are Baddddddddddddddddddddddd! I compared to same place shots with other digitals and the Fugi was in the gutter league. Megapixs is a red herring with cheap cameras; issue is the lens and this one is like a cheap pair of disposable sunglasses. Second, other odd thing about this camera is that if you are holding it while swimming underwater, i.e. your first finger on the shutter and thumb on the bottom to hold the camera, your thumb is RIGHT ON THE WATERPROOF DOOR WHICH IS FLIMSY AND DESIGNED IN THE WRONG DIRECTION MAKING IT EASY TO FLIP OPEN UNDERWATER BY ACCIDENT AND WRECKING THE CAMERA. Whoever designed this camera NEVER WENT SNORKLING. Do not buy this camera. Most digital cameras are poorly made and designed for the elements and this one is right up there. I say this, having taken ten of thousands of digital pics on loads of cameras -- this was the worst Camera i have owned even at a cheap price. Save your money. Fugi is on the right track, make a simple rugged underwater outdoor camera -- concept is great but this is a failed protype. Unfortunatly, I can no longer recommend the Pentax W series either as I've had two fail in the last 2 years. One went in on warrranty 3 times in a year and now have a replacement. The tech to "seal" these cameras is not there unfortunately. I suspect you'll see the fugi camera off the market, due to warranty costs, if not already gone. stevetheadventureguy
  • 5.0 out of 5
i had to work to kill it (douglas fletcher — 08/28/2010)
i got this camera a few months ago and ive been beating it up ever sence. . . initially i would drop it to see that it survived a meter fall onto concrete, and it was unphased . i left it under water for fifteen minutes, and it was fine. it got all sorts of scratches and dings, but even the crack that developed on the lens didn't effect the pictures i even think the battery life was amazing, i more than enough for a two day trip i just managed to kill it yesterday i almost feel proud of myself Im definitely getting a new one and if Im nicer to it im fairly sure it will last forever
  • 4.0 out of 5
Good camera to knock about pool with (LisaB — 07/14/2010)
I bought this camera to use around the pool on holiday, and to take snorkeling in the sea. I wanted something small and tough which I could take places I wouldnt take my SLR. Just came back from a weeks holiday, and it has taken some superb underwater photos & video in the pool & sea. The shutter speed was fast enough to capture people diving in the pool & fish swimming by. I did find some pics looked dark on the camera review screen, but Im so glad I didnt delete them as they look great on my home PC. Also used this to take shots at my friends wedding while on holiday. The photos came out great for this too. I nearly bought the Olympus Tough 3000, but went for the Fuji in the end, as couldnt justify the extra money for the Olympus. The camera specs are very similar. One issue I have had, is a small piece of paint is now missing from the front of the camera. Its never been dropped, only used in the pool & sea... Im taking it back to the suppliers today to see what can be done. I would still recommed the camera to family & friends though.
  • 3.0 out of 5
bad and good (surfdic — 06/19/2010)
took in the ocean today to capture some pics.....very hard to see the screen ....did adjust it when I got it home....seems to look a lot brighter.....have to try again in sunlight.....very low battery life..took about 39 pics and three very short vids..pic quality fair but your thumb gets in the way..if the battery life is this short again I will take it many negative reviews might take back need to get this from Costco so you can have 90 days to try it.....
  • 1.0 out of 5
dont buy!! (nicole mcnutt — 06/18/2010)
I am on my 2nd xp10 in 2 weeks. The 1st one started to "freeze-up" after the 2nd day. Meaning when I turned it on any button I touched after, it would freeze-up & I'd have to take out battery for it to turn off. The 2nd xp10 did the same thing on the 1st day!!
  • 3.0 out of 5
not bad but awkward buttons (linda lunch — 05/22/2010)
I lost my optio/pentax w60 and took a chance replacing it with this fuji. picture quality not as good as he optio and the biggest pain is the buttons - you HAVE to take your gloves off to operate it, vs. the optio which I could operate with ski gloves on. if you think that's no biggie try futzing around with a camera at the top of some mountain in ski season. still fuji much cheaper
  • 3.0 out of 5
Great camera but (Curly Stirling — 03/26/2010)
I bought my fugi xp10 from a major Australian retailer 7 days ago. The LCD screen has cracked and the camera is virtually useless as you can't see and change the settings. The plastic outer is way to flexible and does not offer any protection to the LCD below it. The repair is not covered by warranty. Had I been aware of this design fault I would have still purchased the camera as it is loaded with great features but I would have taken the precaution of always storing the camera in a rigid pocket carry case rather than a soft case. To market this camera as super tough is very misleading and is going to ruin Fugi's reputation. The other small issues I had was that when trying to download the high definition movies by copy and paste it would crash. After installing the supplied software I could download the movies but a 2 gigabyte file 12 minutes of footage took over 20 minutes. It seems to be USB one speed. I recommend buying a card reader if you are into hi def movie clips. I got some great photos of my fingers till I worked out a way to hold it that wouldn't muffle the microphone and get in the way of the lens. Playback sound is very low in camera. So the wrap up is NOT SUPER TOUGH KNOCKABOUT GO ANYWHERE but fragile as hell in the LCD screen area, take extra care of it or you'll be binning it real soon. The xp10 replaced my previous Fuji finepix s2000hd which died in less than 12 months due to auto focus problems. Cheers Curly.