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Kodak EasyShare V570
Kodak EasyShare V570

Hey! You should know that this product has been discontinued. Here are our current recommended cameras in the Ultra Compact Digital Cameras category.

Kodak EasyShare V570

We've given the V570 a grade of C+.

Editor's Review

There haven't been any direct successors to the V570, but take a look at the Kodak M580.  Here's what we said about the Kodak V570 when it first hit the shelves:

Are you seeing double? Kodak's RETINA technology brings two integrated lenses to the Kodak V570, allowing users to switch effortlessly between an ultra wide-angle and 5x optical zoom lens, each with its own sensor. The dual sensors don't bulk this beauty up at all. The V570 is a fantastically slim and compact camera, and the design emulates the sleek Art Deco look of retro models. It's a stunning item both for its aesthetic attractiveness and for the innovative coupling of these two lenses. The Kodak V570 is an eyebrow raiser for sure, and is sure to set off a slew of copycats in the near future.


  • 5 megapixels
  • 5x (3x wide-angle) optical zoom/ 4x digital zoom
  • autofocus
  • auto exposure
  • JPEG file format
  • ISO 64-800
  • lithium ion battery
  • movie mode w/sound
  • 2.5" LCD screen
  • Part Number: 8451676
  • UPC: 041778451670
  • Release Date: Jan 12, 2006

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Kodak EasyShare V570 Reviews

Kodak EasyShare V570 Reviews by Digital Camera-HQ Users

  • 1.0 out of 5
Cant get parts? (Steve Cooper — 04/11/2010)
Went out of focus on distant shots. Repairers were told Kodak have withdrawn all Dual Lense models as they all fail after a while. Also no spare parts are available.
  • 2.0 out of 5
Movies lock up (Dennis Neal — 11/29/2008)

Had the camera a bit over a year and pictures are acceptable.
Easy to use, Scene mode is useful.
there is noticeable noise in indoor lighting.
The deal breaker is the movie mode.
When it works it is phenomenal. Great light and great sound.
We loved it for about a year. then it started to destroy movies. we would get a movie that the camera stated was not a recognizable format. We tried different cards and batteries but anything over 1 minute the camera locks up and does not save your movie. we have to take the battery out of the camera to unlock. We are now keeping the movie clips to 30 seconds... better than nothing. Obviously am here looking for a replacement. it is hard to even look at Kodaks knowing the camera may only last a year before I have to replace.

  • 2.0 out of 5
Love at first sight...... (Julie Martin — 06/22/2007)

I bought the camera through Dell w/my laptop. Worked great at first,(I'm a real estate agent) then one day I turned it on and it only had 1/2 of a screen? I turned it off, then back on and it still had 1/2 a screen. It took pictures but the screen (picture) would jump around like a bad TV station .I noticed it seemed to happen alot more when it was cool out(such as out whole trip to TN in winter). I made plans to send it to the warranty company, but I let the return authorization code lapse. I kept using the camera and one day it just stopped working, the screen was blank (Blk/wht stripes)I paid $399 for this camera I've had less than a year, it's my fault for not sending it in sooner, but I think at that price it should hold up better. I'm sending it to the warranty repair company but have read some not so happy stories about the outcome. I'm still paying for the stupid thing :(

  • 5.0 out of 5
Very nice (Alannah — 02/26/2007)

so far it works very well i couldn't have picked a better camera just make sure if u get it when you go to first charge it charge it on the dock or else it wont charge right also be sure to be very very careful it was expensive

  • 2.0 out of 5
Shopping for a replacement (S Gordey — 02/14/2007)

Camera is logical in design and easy to use. Wide angle feature is excellent and a necessity for me. Awkward to one-hand pictures although a fingertip technique can be perfected. Docking station a pain for transporting and sharing pictures. After a little more than 4 months the camera quit working:( Doing serious research on other wide-angle cameras for a replacement.

  • 2.0 out of 5
Very disappointed (Tammy Thompson — 02/11/2007)

I was very excited to get the camera, however I used it indoors and was VERY disappointed!! The outdoor pictures were so, so. I am not a new digital camera user & I have a larger Kodak DX6490 it takes great outdoor pictures. This camera was easy to use just took very dark pictures indoors & I was only about 5' away.

  • 1.0 out of 5
Terrible Kodak Product and even worse Customer Service (Rita Koch — 01/20/2007)

I bought this camera in May 2006. My very first call to their customer support center about the software that comes with the camera was a waste of time. The CSR's new less about the unit/software and how it worked than I could find in their sparse user's guide. I finally figured out some of the more detailed questions on my own. I have used the camera for 8 months now and find my 8-year old Sony takes better pix. Now I discover the sound on my video stops working. I call their Customer support line and they are once again clueless.(They asked me if I was sure this camera had sound and video!?!) Then suggested I send the camera to their repair facility. I did - waited over 2 weeks and hear nothing. When I called the repair center they say "we emailed you and also sent a letter via US Mail with the status." I never got either - I can understand email maybe getting snared in spam blockers, but the US postal Service is usually pretty good about delivering hard copy letters. Then they tell me, yes "upon further inspection we found liquid damage so your warranty is void." To be clear - the camera was never exposed to moisture or liquid...and even if it had been (which it was not), I find it hard to believe it would only effect the audio and nothing else? To have it repaired will cost $158. I paid $399 last summer and see this week I can buy a brand new one at WalMart this week for $159. And who is to say if I buy a brand new one that it won't break again within a year? To get my camera back from the repair service as is (still broken)is $48. Now, I knew if the warranty was voided there would be a charge for the inspection/diagnosis, but since I had done nothing to the camera and handled it with care since the day I bought it I felt pretty confident about sending it in. So now, I am just out of luck, and have to take their word that it had "liquid damage" and pay $48 to get back my broken camera. This is the absolute last Kodak product I will buy.

  • 3.0 out of 5
Zoom is not working (maepartner — 12/20/2006)

I dont know why, but it suddenly doesnt work and everytime i try to do a closeup, it says "UW lens is disabled" Cant seem to get Kodaks support to help with it, disappointed

  • 1.0 out of 5
Kodak gaurantee is horrible (nick — 11/06/2006)

I have an easy share 550 which i believe is the precursor to this and have have to send it back to kodak 4 times and they will only give me a refurbished camera but refuse to give me a new one. the warrantee and dealing with kodak has been an absolute abomnimation with no consideration of the camera performance[lack of] nor of any consideration to the customer at all. I will never buy a kodak camera as long as i live. BEWARE IF YOU ARE ABOUT TO BUY ONE !!!

  • 4.0 out of 5
My first love!!!!!!!!! (Soumyadeep — 10/22/2006)

Being my first digital camera, i simplyloved the features of it. Outdoor and well lit pictures are just great. I am satisfied with the macros as well. Panoramic mode is fun to use. The bes part is the design. This is indeed the sleekest camera one would ever see around. A definite headturner!!!!!!!!!!

  • 5.0 out of 5
great (ooi yat fai — 09/28/2006)

i had an older 5 year old kodak and it was great. no problem at all and it doesn't need service after five years of usage. so trusting kodak,got this camera and it is even better... very user friendly, i took it out of the box and started using it without even reading the manual.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Love the Width (anonymous — 07/18/2006)

As a semi pro this is my first digital camera and my first point and shoot. As such I like the fact that you can shoot both stills and video with the wide angle lens. Wide screen viewing of the video is excellent. The stitching together of the 180 degree panoramics is also excellent, although the 3.1 mp image is a little restricting. Apart from not having an optical viewfinder and manual focusing options so far I have found this to be a very nice little camera. Bring on the clones!

  • 1.0 out of 5
Fragility (anonymous — 07/18/2006)

The camera capability may indeed be quite serviceable, however, it is eggshell-like in its fragility. I purchased it on a Saturday, took several pictures for a landscaping project on the following day; got out of the car and dropped (yes, dropped) the camera as I moved to a standing position. The height from which the camera fell was approximately 2 feet. From that point on the camera was unserviceable. I took it to a camera repair agency as our extended warranty would not cover damage. The camera repair agency returned it to me with the following message - "Camera frames appears bent, ...LCD, CCD and main circuit damage from impact. Impact damage extensive, beyond economical repair."

  • 4.0 out of 5
Bonus (anonymous — 07/18/2006)

Had an older Kodak - was happy, but now I am REALLY satisfied. All the EASY to use functions that I was use to from Kodak plus higher quality, faster picture taking in a small package. You can't go wrong.

  • 3.0 out of 5
had to return the first one (anonymous — 07/18/2006)

After a couple of days the digital screen turned green and pink and couldn't hardly use the camera even though it would take a good picture. Went back to store and got another one and even though the pink and green is gone the digital screen is a little grainy. Pictures are ok and I really need the wide angle aspect of it for my business.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Great Features ! (anonymous — 07/18/2006)

I love this camera alot because of the different features its has. The panarama shots are great for landscapes! The Wide Angle lens is also great! Its comparing Widescreen to full screen movies....WIDESCREEN IS BETTER...and so is Wide Angle!

  • 4.0 out of 5
Panoramic bliss in a compact digital may reinvigorate your creative juices... (anonymous — 07/18/2006)

Taking into account this cameras intended audience (point and shooters & likely Realtors), this camera offers a very big bang for the price! While its shots do lean toward being a bit on the soft side (a little noisy in darker areas and not quite as crisp as some other 5MP cameras in its range), the color depth, saturation and overall image quality are respectable and can often surprise (in a good way).

If you've never had the pleasure of taking panorama's or even wide angle shots, the Kodak V570 may reinvigorate your desire to carry a pocket camera and shoot creatively at every turn.

I'm not going to give an in-depth review here as there are numerous sites out there with thorough coverage of this unique camera, but after about two weeks use with the V570, I must give credit to Kodak for its innovative thinking and fine product.

Clearly, if you want a small, pocketable, and highly flexible consumer digital (without a great deal of manual options), this camera may be just the thing for you. Especially if you like shooting well lit interiors, groups and panoramic shots (you'll quickly become addicted to it, I assure you). It's like having a wide screen TV when compared to standard 4:3 style formats.

I'm going to sum up my thoughts on this camera through my recommendations to Kodak for future versions which I truly hope to see. They would be as follows:

1. While the style of the V570 is nice with a bit of retro thrown in for good measure, as a pocket camera, consider rounding off the edges, please! You did an excellent job of keeping this camera small (and thin) and that is one reason I purchased it, but more rounded edges would make it far more "pocketable" and therefor even better for its intended purpose.

2. Please consider bumping up the resolution to at least six and preferably 7MP. This would not only make this camera immensely more useful for producing enlargements of the wide angle and panoramic shots, but hopefully in the process would resolve some of the picture softness (hopefully) that sometimes is evident. Please don't reduce the Panoramic resolution quality if possible! We want to be able to produce full size shots and 3.1MP severely hinders that option. Also, try and improve on the low light sensitivity! I realize that's a lot to ask in such a small imager, but hey, like my dad always said, "if you don't ask..."

3. Stop compressing the video so much. Hey, I didn't buy this camera for shooting video, but with this camera it's unlikely I ever will simply because the resultant video has too many artifacts and also doesn't focus on the fly so you get (in this owners opinion) heavily crippled video when compared to many other point and shoot still cameras that I've owned and reviewed.

All in all, I believe (and hope) that this camera inspires a whole new approach by camera manufacturers to begin offering small wide angle enabled products (the stitching feature should be included in all of your cameras by the way). While many people may see this as a specialized camera for the exclusive domain of real estate sales people and the occasional beach photo, you would be sorely mistaken at that. From cityscapes to group pictures, this camera is serious fun and never fails to generate a "WOW" from people that see the results.

As such, I heartily recommend it! So long as you keep in mind that this is a first generation product aimed at the entry level user market, you won't be disappointed and may in fact be happily surprised!

The only thing remaining now is to print out some of the panoramas on my new Epson R1800 wide carriage photo printer to see if the resolution can hold up to printed scrutiny. Thanks to this camera, I've now spent about an extra $600 (substantially more than the camera cost me), so that I can print my own panoramic shots. Thanks Kodak!

FYI, I purchased this camera for $350 at CUSA on sale (a very good price considering it was a brand new model that retails for $399).

  • 5.0 out of 5
Unique Camera (anonymous — 07/18/2006)

I was skeptical when i first bought the camera. Kodak announced that the V570 was the first dual lens digital camera. First off, the pictures turned out good...My previous camera was Kodak Z730 and i loved it, but I fell victim to the V570's style, technology and size. Overall the dual schneider lenses add good color and clarity. The wide angle lens is a little tricky to understand at first, but having the capability to shoot panoramic and also be able to zoom is an awesome feature.(5x zoom, 3x wide angle). Some things i don't like... You need the docking station to transfer pics to the computer or printer. The wide angle panoramic only shoots in 3.1 megapixel. Last, the LCD (2.5) has no glass or plastic protection like the Fuji camera i had or the Z730 that i have now. The camera is new and i will probably discover more features that i like and dislike, but for now, overall great compact camera and great working technology from Kodak. Email me if you have any questions about this or other cameras. Email me —