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Kodak EasyShare Z5120
Kodak EasyShare Z5120

Kodak EasyShare Z5120

We've given the Z5120 a grade of B+.
This product is ranked
20th of 36 in Extended Zoom Digital Cameras
1st of 5 in Kodak Digital Cameras
82nd of 155 in 14-16 Megapixels Digital Cameras

Editor's Review

A bit of a unique camera, the Z5120 has an impressive 26x zoom, fast f2.8 lens at the wide end, and 720p video recording. Kodak has even included manual modes. This is an unbeatable feature set for the price, but image quality is an unknown so far. Don't expect great performance in low light and the camera is getting harder to find as stock sells out.


  • 16 megapixel CCD sensor
  • 26x optical zoom with 26mm wide-angle
  • 720p Full HD video recording with stereo sound
  • Optical image stabilization
  • Manual modes
  • 3-inch LCD
  • 4 AA batteries
  • Release Date: Jun 01, 2012

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Kodak EasyShare Z5120 Reviews

Kodak EasyShare Z5120 Reviews by Digital Camera-HQ Users

Kodak arrived late to the digital camera party despite developing one of the first models in 1975, but by 2005 Kodak digital cameras had acheived the number one spot in US digital camera sales. Kodak carried out intensive consumer research and found that a great deal of potential customers, women in particular, enjoyed taking digital photos but did not like being dependant on a computer. In response to this need, Kodak began to develop a line of simple-to-operate cameras at inexpensive prices and to create a printer dock for printing photos from a Kodak digital camera immediately. While Kodak recently announced it would no longer be manufacturing digital cameras and would focus on printers instead, the most recent models are still sold at major retailers and offer key attributes for low prices.

According to many Kodak digital camera reviews, the three models below are usually considered the best currently available:

1) Kodak EasyShare M583 Digital Camera- One of the smaller quality digital cameras you can find, the EasyShare M583 measures 2.2" high by 3.8" wide and 1" deep, making it easy to carry in a pocket or a purse. Even though the size is small, the M583 has a large 3" LCD screen and a digital zoom of up to 5x and 8x optical zoom. With a resolution of 14.2 megapixels, it's more than adequate for taking high-quality photos and printing 8x10's, and consumers commend its excellent battery life and truly affordable price tag. A cost of less than $100 makes this one of the best deals in terms of digital cameras.

2) Kodak EasyShare Z5120 Digital Camera - The Z5120 costs a bit more than the M583 but has a 26x optical zoom with a fast f2.8 lens at wide angle. More interesting is the inclusion of features like RAW, manual modes and image stabilization, making this the cheapest camera on the market having such desirable attributes. The camera takes AA batteries rather than a lithium-ion, which means you'll find power just about anywhere but the camera is a bit heavier than the competition.

3) Kodak EasyShare C123 - The C123 is the cheapest waterproof camera money can buy, waterproof to 10 feet and exceptionally easy to use. While it lacks the picture quality of many other cameras and has no optical zoom, if waterproof is all you need and don't want to spend very much money, this is the way to go.

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