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Nikon S220
Nikon S220

Hey! You should know that Nikon has released a newer version of this product: the Nikon Coolpix S3000.

Nikon S220

We've given the S220 a grade of C.

Editor's Review

The S220 is tiny, and that's about all it has going for it. The image quality and response time are poor. Dozens of users complained about the S220's grainy, noisy pictures that look terrible even on Facebook. We ranked it as one of our five worst cameras of 2009. Although it's the least worst of the lot, it's still not worth your money. Nikon makes better cameras for a lower cost, so buy one of those instead.


  • 10.0-megapixel resolution for photo-quality prints up to 16 x 20 inches
  • 3x optical Zoom-Nikkor glass lens
  • 4-way VR image stabilization
  • 2.5-inch high-resolution LCD screen
  • Nikon's Smart Portrait System
  • Red-eye Fix, Face Priority AE and more
  • Capture images to SD/SDHC memory cards (not included)
  • Part Number: 26151
  • UPC: 689466117943
  • Release Date: Feb 04, 2009

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Nikon S220 Reviews

Nikon S220 Reviews by Digital Camera-HQ Users

  • 1.0 out of 5
Missed So Many Picture Moments (Sara — 02/25/2011)
I cannot believe how terrible this camera has been since Day 1!! I cannot seem to get a good picture! Sometimes blurry, sometimes yellow pics...I have missed out on sooo many picture worthy moments because i was so frustrated with the results of my photos!!
  • 1.0 out of 5
Never ever Trust Nikon S220 (Bejoy — 12/09/2010)
Unfortunately, my wife had purchased S220 on 9th may 2009 in Malaysia to give me as a B'day gift.But it was a bad choice. Damn sure of it. Realized soon in a short span. Battery getting exhausted in 30 min! . Surprizingly, the repair centre too were confused with the exact problem. Twice it returned saying it got rectified.But that never happened...... I should rather say Nikon company owned my camera more days than I could!. Later after "fighing" with them for a week, they could realize the defect and given it back saying, everything rectified..... except the outercase everything replaced. But everything went on vein. Now its new trouble,took to cover up an urgent meeting .....whoops ..... "lense Error" ???? Company immediately saying change the lense...your warrenty over .... it's just RM 425 (actual cost is RM595)D..... So great..... How dare they could be to a customer????? Leaarned again a lesson... NEVER EVER AGAIN "NIKON" .... Even if its free of cost.....GOD WILL BLESS YOU.... and my humble suggestion .... please dont be fooled yourself.
  • 1.0 out of 5
the worst (tom — 10/30/2010)
I got this camera for my daughter for xmas . the first lens error occored in 2 months , best buy repaired it but 1 month later another lens error .best buy replaced this one with another 220 , 1 month later another lens error . in all I had it repaired 6 times and the year isnt even over . its spent more time in the shop than in our home , but now best buys lemon law will take effect and my daughter will finally get her xmas present about 11 months late .ill never buy another nikon .
  • 1.0 out of 5
makes me want to cry (Danielle — 06/11/2010)
I purchased this camera to replace my old bulky kodak 5mp camera. What a mistake. I wanted a great new camera to take photos of my newborn when he arrived. I wish I had have printed out the trial photos I took. I would have taken it straight back to the shop and got one that actually takes a decent photo. I have no photos of my new born son to put up on display as they are so shockingly grainy and orange. Everytime I look at them i burst into tears. My mums old 5mp camera has taken better photos but unfourunatley he is older in them.
  • 1.0 out of 5
Bad choice!!! (Cathy — 05/20/2010)
I have had the S220 for only 3 days and it has the lens error message. Pic quality is no good.
  • 1.0 out of 5
Avoid like the plague (brian salter — 05/04/2010)
Although I have two semi professional cameras that I use for "real work" I thought I would get a small camera for taking snap shots "on the fly" as i am out and about a lot and don't want to have heavy cameras with me all the time. My last pocket camera was an Olympus at 6MP which took reasonably good photos, but it was starting to feel clunky and a lot bigger than today's pocket cameras. I was seduced by the name Nikon. What a mistake! It is the biggest load of rubbish I have ever had the misfortune to spend my money on. Indoor pictures have TERRIBLE colour at whatever setting you care to use. The focus is very poor and the pictures are grainy. Outdoor pictures are a lot better but still much worse than my 6MP Olympus. Frankly I am embarrassed even to admit to having bought this awful camera. I do wish I had read these reviews before I parted with my money. Never again will I buy Nikon. The company should be ashamed of itself.
  • 1.0 out of 5
its one terrible camera i have ever use.. my dad's roll camera is far more better thn this one.. (ketan — 01/15/2010)
use a mobile phones camera which r better thn nikon s220
  • 3.0 out of 5
Far too delicate (Miles Crossen — 01/09/2010)

I purchased my first Nikon S220 at a chain store in the Pacific Northwest. My first impression was it was a handy little digital camera. Nice size, fairly simple to operate. On day three the camera was rendered useless. Somehow the display screen had been crushed. I figured I must have accidently stepped on it. I went ahead and purchased a second one, this time spending a little extra for a sturdy carrying case. I downloaded the images from the first camera and noticed the image quality was substandard. I continued using the second S220 and managed to fix up the images I wanted to use in Photoshop (they were ok for snapshots, not ok for publication). On Christmas Eve I went to visit my son and granddaughter. I pulled the camera out of the carrying case and discovered the display screen was shattered as well. This time I knew I had not stepped on it. Between you and me, the S220 is worthless at best. I wish I'd never wasted my money at that digital.

  • 2.0 out of 5
Bad Mistake (chelsea — 01/08/2010)

I bought this camera in Australia, and here it cost me $199,(RIP OFF) and I was expecting a decent camera. My mums 5 mp Kodak easy share camera is 4 years old and takes much better pics than it S220 dose. My friends that have $100 cameras take much better pics & more megapixels. I wish i could take it bake considering $200 is a lot for me to waste on this shit.

  • 1.0 out of 5
Awful! (Bethany — 12/30/2009)

I got this camera for christmas and was extremely disapointed! the pictures were blurry and grainy, and the video was awful!!! the only thing i liked was how light weight and easy to hold it was. the color and design was also really pretty:) however, this was not worth my time and money, and i am never going to buy a nikon again. even though canon is more expensive, its quality is worth the price:)

  • 1.0 out of 5
Avoid This Camera at Any Price (Cardboard Spaceship — 12/28/2009)

I dropped my trusty Casio Exilim, and destroyed the USB port. So I needed to get another camera to take on a business trip to Egypt. I took many photos in both full daylight and indoors, and when I downloaded them on my return I could not believe how utterly and completely useless the camera was. Blurry, poor contrast, autofocus that seems not to work at all in low light. As reported elsewhere small bright specks on the image. Truly awful.

  • 3.0 out of 5
You get what you pay for (RJ — 12/18/2009)

Easy to use and set up. Easy transfer to computer via USB port with CD program provided. But picture quality is only average. Good camera for the money, but you get what you pay for. Want high quality pictures, buy a more expensive camera.

  • 1.0 out of 5
I HATE THIS CAMERA! (Melanie — 10/29/2009)

Unfortunately, I have never purchased such a horrible product in my life. I originally bought this camera at the beginning of the summer (late May). By early August it was already malfunctioning. I tried turning it on and repeatedly zoomed in and out, the lcd screen read "lens error" and the camera could no longer be used. I got it replaced for free and without fail the same thing occurred. Nikon was SO unhelpful and rude

  • 2.0 out of 5
Indoor photos bad, outdoor photos blurry/less contrasting (VISHWANATH — 10/18/2009)

Hey friends. i bought this camera, but totally disappointed with the picture quality, no sharpness in pics.

I have used SONY cybershot earlier and as it was stolen, we decided to buy Nikon brand this time. But SONY is best. I thought Nikon, a camera-specific company will be superb but this model has irritated me now. Indoor pics are worst, outdoor just 'good.'

  • 2.0 out of 5
bad pics! (Brittany — 10/14/2009)

I got this as a gift for my birthday about a month ago, I was very excited!!!! I am a picture taking fool so i couldn't wait to try it out... lets just say I wish i would never have taken the 1st pic! It takes okay pics most of the time but the rest of the time the pics are blurry or grainy!! I reay do hate this camera! I have owned SEVERAL point and shoot digital cameras and this is by far my least fav! Wish I never would have broken my olympus stylus 7000 :( bottom line, i would not recommend this camera!

  • 3.0 out of 5
Its alright, not the best (rachael — 10/11/2009)

The camera takes really bad pictures indoors but the pictures that is takes
out doors are pretty nice i guess. Over all, I wouldnt suggest this camera but since my grandma got it for me, I have to keep it :/

  • 5.0 out of 5
Why the bad reviews? This takes decent photos! (Joey Barney — 10/09/2009)

I've read plenty of bad reviews and some good. A pictures speaks a thousand words. Check out my Nikon S220 group on Flickr:

My personal Flickr is - if that doesn't tell you it can take decent photos with some adjustments, what will? ;) Besides, even high end DSLR aren't point and shoot, you need to adjust settings on those too. This generally works well with the scene settings and sometimes you have to manually set ISO to 80 or so, but I mainly use automatic and it works fine.

  • 1.0 out of 5
Lens Error after 3 months? (Alicia — 09/26/2009)

this was an impulsive buy but i had faith in Nikon. This is the worst camera i've ever owned. The pictures have bad contrast, grainy and the worst thing yet is now i have a lense error! I've never dropped the camera or got sand in it, just turned it on one day and now the lense won't stop going in and out. LAME.

  • 4.0 out of 5
:) buy it. (Kaylee — 08/27/2009)

I bought this camera a few days ago. It is really easy to get used to. It features a lot of nice settings. I found that you have to play with it to get the right setting until you get the results you want. Overall it is very good, I really like it. It was a purchase I am happy with. The price is reasonable also.

  • 1.0 out of 5
Grainy and orange face CAMERA!! (rosalyn — 08/24/2009)

I recieved this camera as a graduation present from a family friend! I was so excited at the cool and sleek design! Woe unto me, the pictures were blurry, grainy and white speced! Don't buy this camera! No matter how many times i changed the settings it was all the same! I will return it and won't purchase a Nikon again!

  • 2.0 out of 5
Nikon S220 (Phillip Pittman — 07/31/2009)

We bought the camera to use outdoors and the pictures seem to always be blurry, no matter what. I do not recommend this camera.

  • 3.0 out of 5
Quite unlike Nikon (Sudhir Kulkarni — 07/31/2009)

The picture quality of this camera is average. Having used many Nikon cameras I am extremely dissatisfied with the results. It is certainly not worth being called 'Nikon'

Don't buy

  • 5.0 out of 5
Best camera ever!!!! (Poblo71 — 07/17/2009)

This camera is so cool. I got this camera 2 months ago for my birthday. I've had 2 camera during my life not counting this one and this is camera beats the others by a long shot.It has great graphics and the pictures look great. It' to use. I love the video recording! You can play and pause between shooting videos and the screen wont get fuzzy. There also is a smile detector that takes pictures when you smile. You don't even have to press the button! I recommend this camera to anyone looking for an affordable high quality camera. The features are AMAZING ad the camera wont let you down. I know from experience. You will not be dissapointed with this camera. Others may have bad things to say about it, but thats because they/re picky and careless with their camera. Iknow this camera is amazing!

  • 1.0 out of 5
Was looking for a small point and shootand it sucks (Scott Turinske — 07/10/2009)

I have some sony 3M and a Nikon D70 cameras that were used the same day and place they were so much better I will be returning it. This is not a good buy from Nikon stay away.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Cheapest pocket sized camera from a known brand (Vlado — 06/30/2009)

I must give accent to this review: "This is one of the cheaper pocket sized cameras from a known brand. It takes a decent snapshot, without really hitting the highest quality levels. It is one of the smallest digital cameras and it is extremely lightweight too." from
So, if you wanna the smallest camera(smallest dimensions and weight) don't doubt to buy this camera.
If you are looking for some kind of replacement of old camera or the pictures quality is your first criteria for new camera, don't buy.
Come on people, you can't compare this camera with another one(another decent manufacturer) because there isn't.
I can only add a wish, in future to see Nikon, if possible, to focus little bit on image quality, so this series of cameras will be complete "...WOW..." on the market.

  • 1.0 out of 5
Never again... (Patty — 06/23/2009)

I have had this product for a year. The picture quality from this camara brand new was much poorer than that of my 4 megapixel Sony I bought in 2004.
Recently I have had a Lens Error I have been unable to repair, caused by some sort of 'impact.' This camara is always kept in a protective case and strapped to my wrist when out of the case.
I will never again own a Nikon product!

  • 5.0 out of 5
I absolutely love this camera! (Queena — 06/22/2009)

This is an awesome camera with an affordable price and sleek look! It comes with lots of nice features; I definitely recommend this camera.

  • 1.0 out of 5
cute camera, Grainy photos (shannon — 06/18/2009)

I loved the size of this camera. I purchased one & notice right away the grainy pictures. I thought they would look better once I had them printed at a photo center. I was very wrong. I then figured that I just had gotten a lemon so I exchanged it for a new one & went on vacation. All of my vacation photos are really really bad. Grainy to say the least. I am very disappointed & will return the second S220 camera never to purchase a Nikon product again. A company as large as Nikon really shouldn't allow cameras that work as poor as this one to have their name on it. Don't waste your hard earned cash! Disposable cameras take better photos than this, Really.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Great Pictures in full sun, but blurry at night (Jorick Sambre — 06/18/2009)

Normally i don't like point and shoot cameras, but i had to buy one in order to have something to take pictures because i blew my other cam. (sad) Anyways, the camera takes good pictures during the day, at night if you are close to the subject it's better to use the flash so you get les blurry images. the scene modes are a bit confusing becuase in some you have flash in other you don't, some you can disable some not.

But the as i said the picture quality is very good.

  • 4.0 out of 5
Good Camera (***** — 06/15/2009)

I didnt buy the nikon S220 camera yet but ive read some reviews and some people say its a good camera, like others the opisite. Im 12 year old and i think that its a very good camera for people my age. My friend has one and its very simple and also, very good looking.

  • 1.0 out of 5
Don't buy this camera (Sara Wilson — 06/12/2009)

I have a Nikon D40 DSLR and love it, but wanted a small camera to be able to carry in my pocket to use whenever I didn't want to carry my big camera with me. I decided to pick out another Nikon, since I love my D40. From the moment I first took the Coolpix S220 camera out of the box, I was disappointed. Every single picture I have taken has been blurry and grainy, even pictures I took of stationary objects. I plan to return it to the store and exchange it for something better.

  • 1.0 out of 5
My 10 year old 1 mp fugi takes better pictures - terrible (Greg Phillips — 05/26/2009)

If you purchase this camera - you will be disappointed. 90% of the pictures taken have been grainy with little bright specs. You have to have the flash on for every picture to even remotely take a decent shot. The Auto lighting has never worked properly and you will need to change the setting every time you enter a different room.

  • 1.0 out of 5
I hate this camera (Randi — 05/26/2009)

The image stabilization and digital resolution went out after had this camera for 2 months. It was a good camera while i had it, but it is very high maintainence. This camera has no durability.

  • 1.0 out of 5
Wish I had a working L18 back (Disappointed — 05/11/2009)

My Nikon L18 display died after 4 months of use so I purchased a new S220. I am so disappointed in the lack of clarity, and already impaired display screen. I'm taking it back today. The S220 is supposed to be clearer and better than the L18. I see no comparison. I caught a couple "better than professional" quality shots with the L18. The S220 does not even shoot acceptable snapshot quality photos.

  • 1.0 out of 5
Don't Bother (Kylie — 04/18/2009)

I was in love with my Coolpix L4, an older 4 megapixel version of the coolpix 220, and it took perfect photos every time, but I wanted something new, smaller and faster, so I bought the 220. I completely agree with the above review- I was SO disappointed in this camera- grainy, awful pictures in even the best lighting. I will be returning it tomorrow and going back to using my beautiful albeit older L4. What a negative experience!!!!

  • 5.0 out of 5
takes great pictures and videos (Jessica — 04/17/2009)

I have used this camera the last few weeks and have loved every picture I have taken. It has a lot of features that I had to figure out but once I did I was happily taking pictures in black and white color and more.It is so easy to switch back and forth from video to camera. Perfect size to take everywhere.

  • 5.0 out of 5
I love this camera! (Diane Neri — 04/07/2009)

I was looking for a small camera to carry with me in my purse for those moments when you just need to take a picture and don't want to lug a big camera bag, etc. This little Nikon is perfect. It's very simple to operate and takes great snapshots. I use my photos for scrapbooking and don't plan on blowing any up to poster size. I like that the flash works automatically when needed (it can also be turned off). So far I'm a very happy owner.

  • 2.0 out of 5
Not worth owning (Joel — 03/21/2009)

I bought this camera to take some pix of my son's birthday party and for pictures of Ebay items.
In a nutshell, more often then not, this camera takes very undefined blurry pictures. It seems to be very sensitive to lighting. Even in a well lit room in Auto Flash mode the camera seems to need the Flash to get even half way decent results. Forget about turning the flash off though. It would take you all day to get any definition in the pictures. I had previously used an older 5 Megapixel Kodak camer which took pictures that were twice as defined as this Nikon at 10 Megapixels. Needless to say I returned this camera and I'm definitely dissatisfied with its performance especially for my simple needs. The only points I can give it is for the macro mode. Even then, it still has the over sensitivity to the room lighting. None of my past camera's had this problem.
Lots of bells and whistles but no real performance. I guess 10 MP doesnt mean much in this case..I was shocked.