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Olympus FE-4030
Olympus FE-4030

Hey! You should know that this product has been discontinued. Here are our current recommended cameras in the Point and Shoot Digital Cameras category.

Olympus FE-4030

We've given the FE-4030 a grade of C+.

Editor's Review

Another run-of-the-mill slimline point-and-shoot for 2010. Nothing about this camera stands out to us, though it is relatively slim for a $150 model. The only differences between this and the FE-4020 -- another new model at the same price -- are a longer-range macro, a TruePic III image processor, and one extra shooting mode. We're baffled as to why Olympus decided to put out two nearly identical boring cameras instead of one boring camera, but it looks like the merchants we're partnered with made an executive decision to only sell one of them: the FE-4020.


  • Release Date: Mar 15, 2010

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Olympus FE-4030 Reviews by Digital Camera-HQ Users

  • 3.0 out of 5
Charging when connect to computer (Richard Grant — 03/03/2011)
I have pictures that I want to download to my XP computer but as soon as I connect it goes to charging, ib software starts and if I select download pictures a large black screen appears and nothing happens. I have to use ctrl-alt-del to get use of the computer and the camera screen has the charging symbol on even when fully charged. Is this normal or do I have a dud?