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    Misfit Cargo Van

    I wasn't able to locate my outdated FujiFilm XP60 to place this comment.. But seeing how the XP70 was close enough I'll post this here instead. (delete or move if needed) At one point I was forced to sell my Nikon D50 because the setup and equipment became to heavy to bare. Turning to a gifted Kodak Easyshare camera which I ended up dropping.. I was left cameraless for 2 years. Until my wife (bless her heart) purchased the FujiFilm XP60 in the knowing I might actually drop it also. 2016 marks 3 years that I've used my XP60 and even from the beginning I've said that the XP60 as well as all FujiFilm products do not capture the moment as crisp as it should be. What I'm finding and with the help of Panavise, I've created a hand handle so that I'll never drop another camera again. The issue now, is battery life or the lack there of. So instead of a camera that's waterproof and I may not need a shock proof camera. I just need a pocket sized camera with a touch screen like a smart phone. The best I can hope for is the new Kodak camera which has been reported to sell for $550.00 and this is not acceptable. Must I now resort to cameras which do not use the stock or standard battery setup and find a camera which uses the round Duracell type batteries. I've since downgraded to an LG Rebel smart phone in the hopes that I can achieve a few better images, But I still have the XP60 which I'm attempting to sell.. So what camera or smart phone offers what I want/need in a device with a touch screen and a long life battery?.

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    Gilbert Smith

    Hi and good morning, After reading about the Nikon coolpix B5OO and how good it was, taking clear sharp photos so decided to buy one from Currys store in Elgin Scotland, and have found the camera the biggest waste of money that i have ever spent,on a camera, it will not focus , the colours are something else, the battery life is short lived to say the least, am hoping you can help me out on this one as am getting very frustrated with it. i await your reply. Gilbert Smith

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      Hillary Grigonis

      Hi Gilbert! Sorry to hear the B500 isn't working well for you. You can try contacting Nikon about issues and see if the camera needs repair -- the camera is a budget option which is likely why the colors and battery life are poor, but you should still be able to focus. Contact Nikon and see what they'll do with the warranty.

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    Bunny loving life

    hi i am using cannon 70d i got a problem err 80 while i was in live video mode screen appers blank and after switching off also so i removed the battery directly and re inserted after that aslo i doesnt workout...please help me fix this problem

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      Hillary Grigonis

      Hi, sorry to hear you are having trouble with your 70D! Canon says that an Error 80 is an electrical issue that should be resolved when you turn the camera off and take the battery out. If you are still having trouble after that, I would contact Canon about the issue -- they may suggest a new battery since the issue is electrical.

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