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    Mary Wheeler

    I'm unimpressed by the many claims made for the S9700, having wrestled with some of its shortcomings for most of the past year. I've lost count of the times when I've heard the lens mechanism clicking away furiously inside my camera bag, as the camera tries to power up without any intervention on my part. On every occasion, I've been forced to eject and reinstall the battery at least once, and on several occasions I've had photos corrupted by the effort to recover from that ominous on-screen notification, "Lens error." I'm also irritated by the flash system, which appears very flimsy and that is remarkably easy to obstruct unintentionally. But what I find +really+ irritating is that I can't download photos to my high-end laptop, as the camera simply refuses to show up as a USB device; instead, to back-up photos while traveling, I have to connect the camera to my spouse's Microsoft Surface. So now, this camera mostly remains in my camera bag as a spare of last resort, gathering dust and a bad reputation, while I use something else because I simply can't trust the S9700 to be ready when my subject is. You've disappointed me, Nikon.

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      Hillary Grigonis

      Thanks for sharing, Mary!

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    Logan Cowart

    Good review. I also find it annoying that Auto ISO seems to be turned off in Manual mode. Actually, it is more than annoying. It is one more thing that kills this camera for my use. My primary use is to get clear video while driving. This requires a Manual Mode to fix the shutter between 80 (night) and 320 (daylight); to fix the aperture as small as possible for greatest depth of field (the low light is good, but I need f/11, f/16, or even f/22 in bright sunlight); to set ISO on Auto because the light darkens when driving under trees and into parking structures; and to fix the focus to about 7 meters allowing the great depth of field to keep things in focus because Autofocus keeps blurring the picture every time the car turns a corner; to turn off the steadishot because it blurs the picture when the car is stopped. But with this camera --- I can't find any manual focus between .5 meters and infinity in the wide field setting; I cannot set the ISO to auto in Manual Mode; and I cannot turn off the steadishot function which fights against the vibration of the car to blur the picture even more. I guess for driving video I'll stick to my alpha 7m2, using this camera only for handheld shots and video with zoom.

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      Hillary Grigonis

      Good points, thanks for your input, Logan!

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    Excellent job Hillary …as usual for you! … Joe Prete

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      Hillary Grigonis

      Thanks, Joe!

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