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Pentax K100D (With Lens)
Pentax K100D (With Lens)

Hey! You should know that this product has been discontinued. Here are our current recommended cameras in the Ultra Compact Digital Cameras category.

Pentax K100D (With Lens)

We've given the K100D (w/Lens) a grade of B.

Editor's Review

Simplified operation and a user-friendly interface make the Pentax K100D a good choice for consumers new to the digital SLR market. The K100D makes no bones about it. This camera wants to be your first digital SLR. It boasts a lightweight, relatively compact design and interchangeable lenses, allowing greater versatility for photographers looking to enhance their potential. Pentax particularly emphasizes their sophisticated, 11-point autofocus system, which hopes to aid new users in accurately and clearly capturing their intended subject. The K100D's image stabilization is also an attractive feature for users worried about handling their new toy.


  • 6 megapixels
  • Pentax KAF bayonet lens mount
  • auto and manual focus
  • image stabilization
  • auto and manual exposure
  • ISO 200-3200
  • JPEG and RAW file formats
  • 4 AA batteries or 2 CR-V3 lithium batteries
  • 2.5 inch LCD
  • SD card storage
  • Part Number: 19016
  • UPC: 027075122635
  • Release Date: Aug 01, 2006

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