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Samsung DualView TL205
Samsung DualView TL205

Hey! You should know that Samsung has released a newer version of this product: the Samsung PL120.

Samsung DualView TL205

We've given the TL205 a grade of B.

Editor's Review

The TL205 has been replaced by a newer-generation DualView, the PL120. Since its seen a late-life price spike, we recommend going with the newer model. Here's what we had to say about the TL205 when it was released in early 2010:

The TL205 is one of Samsung's second-generation DualView models, which feature an LCD screen on both sides of the camera for easier self-portraits. The front-LCD feature was well-executed on the TL205's predecessors, though the image quality and performance was just OK. This model does away with the touchscreen, which is fine by us. If  you're debating between this and the more expensive TL240, the main difference is the smaller zoom on the 205.  We're still not sure about the image quality on this one.


  • 12.2 megapixels
  • 3x optical zoom
  • Digital Image Stabilization
  • 2.7-inch rear LCD display/1.5-inch front LCD display
  • Video mode
  • Captures to Micro SD
  • Release Date: Apr 01, 2010

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