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Samsung HZ30W
Samsung HZ30W

Hey! You should know that Samsung has released a newer version of this product: the Samsung WB700.

Samsung HZ30W

We've given the HZ30W a grade of B.

Editor's Review

The HZ30W travel zoom is a stripped-down version of the HZ35W: a smaller screen, no GPS, but otherwise identical. In other words, it's free from the most unnecessary and expensive aspects of the HZ35W, and is a better value as a result. It's not necessarily a great camera -- we thought that the HZ35W's image quality was sub-par, suffering from a significant loss of detail because of noise reduction -- but it's not a bad value for the money at all. Known as the WB600 in some countries.


  • 12 megapixels
  • 15x optical zoom
  • Optical image stabilization
  • 3-inch LCD monitor
  • 720p HD video, 30 fps (H.264 format)
  • Captures to SD/SDHC memory cards
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery
  • Release Date: Apr 30, 2010

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Samsung HZ30W Reviews

Samsung HZ30W Reviews by Digital Camera-HQ Users

  • 3.0 out of 5
It's not good quality (truthseeker — 12/28/2010)
At full zoom, compare these two shots (zoom in red cross) from dpreview: You'll see the samsung looses all details... It's not good, it's awful actually It has a nice set of features I guess.
  • 2.0 out of 5
You get what you pay for! (Adriana — 05/18/2010)
Sounds too good to be true!..the quality of the pictures is not what you expect from a camera like this.