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Sigma SD1m
Sigma SD1m

Sigma SD1m

We've given the SD1m a grade of B.
This product is ranked
14th of 15 in Professional dSLR
63rd of 68 in Over 16 Megapixels Digital Cameras

Editor's Review

The SD1m has no changes from the original SD1, it is simply being re-branded alongside the new DP1m and DP2m. The original SD1 was announced at a ludicrous price and the new model brings the price down to just over $2000. It still has the same slow processing, same reliance on Sigma's photo software, and same lack of video mode as its predecessor. We should say, of course, that the unique Foveon sensor used in the SD1m far out-resolves most Bayer sensors at low ISOs, so landscape and studio shooters will probably like it, yet the slow speed and reliance on Sigma software are big hurdles. This will probably remain a hobbyist's camera.


  • 15.4 megapixel Foveon CMOS sensor
  • Raw capture
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Release Date: Sep 15, 2012

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