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Sony CyberShot DSC-V1
Sony CyberShot DSC-V1

Hey! You should know that this product has been discontinued. Here are our current recommended cameras in the Point and Shoot Digital Cameras category.

Sony CyberShot DSC-V1

Editor's Review

The Sony CyberShot DSC-V1 packs high-end features into a rangefinder-style body that is new to Sony's digital camera lineup. Photo enthusiasts will find much to like in the DSC-V1's feature set, including an ISO 800 setting, flash hot shoe, laser-assisted autofocus, and Sony's NightShot and NightFraming capabilities. With far more features than the company's popular DSC-P series, and a smaller body than the F717, the V1 should prove to be a very popular addition to the 5-megapixel category.


  • 5.0 megapixels (effective)
  • 4x optical zoom/4x digital zoom
  • auto and manual focus
  • program and manual exposure
  • JPEG and TIFF file format
  • ISO range 100 - 800
  • Sony InfoLithium battery
  • movie mode with sound
  • Part Number: dsc-v1
  • UPC: 00027242621459
  • Release Date: Jun 24, 2003

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Sony CyberShot DSC-V1 Reviews

Sony CyberShot DSC-V1 Reviews by Digital Camera-HQ Users

  • 4.0 out of 5
sony dsc-v1 battery life (rich cannon — 06/25/2007)

for such an excellent camera at the lower price end,its a crying shame that sony couldnt of put in a battery that lasts for
a decent length of time??? Ive had to purchase a genneric batt.,so i can use the cam over an afteroon without the fear of the batt running was half the sony price,and i use an external charger;

  • 5.0 out of 5
Excellent camera (Norman TC — 05/20/2007)

Camera was a bit short on feature by today standard. Location of flash was bad. IQ is excellent even on low light situation. Used laser hologram for focusing was an excellent idea, you will get great picture all the time.
Great for travel... I love it when use with external flash F32X. The construction was good and feel sturdy.... I love this camera

  • 5.0 out of 5
Wonderful resolution (anonymous — 07/18/2006)

Amazingly good pictures. Owned this for 2 years and do not regret this decision

  • 5.0 out of 5
Crystal Clear (anonymous — 07/18/2006)

By far the best camera I've ever had. Excellent picture quality...everytime. Never been disappointed. Awesome zoom-ability. A must buy if you want picturesque quality.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Ex cellant Camera (anonymous — 07/18/2006)

I have owned the DSC-V1 for over two years. It still amazes me with the photos it takes. It walks circles on the other six cameras in the office that I work in and everyone else uses. i would recommend this camera to everyone.

  • 3.0 out of 5
slow starter (anonymous — 07/18/2006)

It made very satisfactory pictures. But if I use the built in flash, the camera become very slow in recording, especially if I use the finest resolution. It improves if I use external flash though.
Slightly bulky for my trouser pocket.

  • 5.0 out of 5
Excellent Camera (anonymous — 07/18/2006)
As a lay photographer who shoots at meetings and conferences I have often produced better shots than the professionals hired to do the job. I find the best results when I shoot close up portraits. I am still learning about lighting, holding the camera still and avoiding the pop-up flash. The camera has more high class options than I can absorb. I find it to be a great size for easy carrying yet the product seems to come from a much more cumbersome product. I like it!
  • 5.0 out of 5
Great for travelling (anonymous — 07/18/2006)
Its a small camera with powerful features, the first time I entered my shots in a local photo contest I won first prize immediately, I choose it because of its small size great for travelling, I'm excited to see the upgraded V3 version.