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Best Cameras Around $150

Last updated on 03/01/2011

While many digital cameras attract users with fancy features and cool-sounding new "technology," sometimes the only thing the features augment is the price. However, there are cameras out there with sufficient capability without an exorbitant price. The following cameras are our top picks for the best cameras around $150.

Image Stabilization on the Cheap: Despite a few grips about image quality, the Canon A590 IS has mostly garnered positive reviews around the web, lauding it for its combination of affordability and ease-of-use. The A590 IS is part of Canon's classic 'A' series, perfect for novice or casual photographers looking for a comfortable camera for snapping photos of family and friends. Quick Specs: 8 Megapixels, 4x Optical Zoom
Simple and Stylish: Nikon's S210 is a simple ultracompact that puts an emphasis on portability. Unlike most extremely small cameras, the S210 is quite affordable, and it's packed with in-camera editing features that will make your photos look their best, even if they didn't come out alright at first. Quick Specs: 8.1 Megapixels, 3x Optical Zoom
Unique Design: The Fuji FinePix z20fd has a very striking appearance, with a swept body that suggests speed and motion. It's been quite a success, with DCHQ user Michelle going so far as to call it the "best camera [she's] ever owned." It's quite affordable, even with its large 10-megapixel sensor, which provides high-resolution, high-detail photographs. Quick Specs: 10 Megapixels, 3x Optical Zoom