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New Digital Cameras - August 2008

Last updated on 03/01/2011

Check out what's coming down the pike this fall. We've got all the latest announcements for new cameras that will be on store shelves in the coming months.

Panasonic Lumix FX150
Outfitted With 14.3 Megapixels
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Panasonic: High-Definition Video is Standard

Panasonic has boldly charged forward with new digital camera technology, outfitting each of their four new cameras with high-definition video capabilities. These cameras can record HD video at a resolution of 1280 x 720 pixels, capturing an extraordinary amount of detail and allowing you to view your video clips on an HDTV without distortion or any significant reduction in quality.
Nikon Coolpix P6000
Digital Camera with Integrated GPS

Nikon: In-Camera GPS and Wireless Capabilities

Nikon has decided that perks, bells, and whistles are what digital camera consumers want, and they might just be right. The new Nikon Coolpix P6000 has in-camera GPS functionality. Your camera knows where you are, even when you don't, and will affix geographical information to your photos, so you'll have that information for as long as you have the image. Perfect for those interested in geotagging, the P6000 is a unique and intriguing step forward for Nikon.
Nikon Coolpix S610c
E-Mail Photos Right From the Camera!
Nikon also continues to pursue wireless photo transfer, a concept that they have had much success with in the past. The S610c is the latest Wi-Fi enabled digital camera, which uses Nikon's myPictureTown software to allow for in-camera emailing. You don't even need a computer to send photos to your family and friends. There's more to this camera than just a flashy gimmick, however. It's a sleek ultracompact with a large LCD and inclusive wide-angle lens, great for group shots and expansive scenes.
Part Camera, Part Photo Album

Sony: Chasing Big Ideas With Big Features

We didn't much like the Sony G1 when it came out last year. Meant to be a portable photo album as well as a camera, it was bulky, boxy, and generally awkward looking. Sony seems to have recognized its mistakes, cause the T700 takes the same digital photo album concept but packages it in a much smaller, much more manageable body. We're excited to see how this camera performs once it is available.

Fuji: Solid Cameras for Casual Consumers

Fuji's new slate of ultracompacts bear a striking resemblance to one another. They are virtually identical except for a few slight differences. The J150w and J110w both feature a 28mm wide-angle lens, while sporting a 3-inch and 2.7-inch LCD respectively. The J120 and J100 are those cameras, with the same respective difference in LCD display size, but without the wide-angle lens. These are basic 10-megapixel cameras, meant for casual or novice users. The one interesting new Fuji camera is the S2000HD, their first foray into high-definition video. It also has a 15x optical zoom, but unfortunately, it cannot be used in video mode.